Questions of Influence

Number 26117
Subject Government
Source WTVF-TV (Nashville, Tenn.)
State Tenn.
Year 2013
Publication Date Dec. 17, 2013
Summary This year-long investigation exposed how Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam’s pledge to “run state government like a business” led to some serious ethical shortcomings, including the awarding of tens of millions of dollars in questionable state contracts and a blurring of the lines with a prominent Capitol Hill lobbyist who was on the governor’s personal payroll. The one-hour, prime-time special is the culmination of more than three dozen individual stories that aired throughout the year. Our investigation led to a statewide political debate, legislative hearings, ethics complaints, a scathing state audit, reconsideration of millions of dollars in state contracts and calls for ethics reform that are continuing.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords government; investigation; money
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