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  • WUSA 9 -- "DC Police: Stop and Frisk"

    Through analyzing more than 6 years of data WUSA 9's “DC Police: Stop and Frisk” series uncovered 8 out of 10 people stop and frisked by Washington, DC police are African-American, despite black people making up less than half the city's population. The year-long investigation, 20 part series and hour-long special that followed exposed shocking and systematic failures by the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department to follow its own laws. Laws designed to protect people from racial bias on the part of police officers.
  • License to Shoot

    WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) reveals the waste of federal tax dollars by the proliferation of hired security guards protecting government buildings in Washington, D.C.; many of the guards sold their guns to drug gangs.

    WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) investigates the problem of youth violence in Washington, D.C., with drug trafficking being the motivation for violence which kills hundreds of young people a year; looks for solutions to young urbanites drifting into the drug trade, Nov. 12 - 15, 1990.