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    Philadelphia Magazine documents how the nation's Medicare system has created a pattern of exorbitant charges suffered by all members of the public; also studies the Pennsylvania Medicaid system in which 55 percent of the doctors refuse to treat indigent patients, August 1981.
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    Clarion-Ledger series reports abuses by doctors under Medicare and Medicaid; one doctor charged Medicaid and Medicare for treating patients while he was out of the country, March 1976.
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    Detroit News does investigation of the death of a woman who was given so many free drugs under Medicaid program that she died from them; finds 178 Medicaid drug-related deaths in 21 - month period, July 1982.
  • State health plan a hazard for the poor: Investors needs, Ohio budget get priority over quality care

    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) investigates a program that switched the poor from Medicaid to private HMOs and discovers some of the governor's campaign contributors were getting rich and the poor getting inadequate health care.
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    Chicago Tribune runs series examining spending at Chicago-area hospitals, finding waste and profiteering at some resulting in greater expense for the ill as well as the healthy.
  • Last-chance doctor: faith, hope--but death, too

    The Record (Hackensack, N.J.) traces the less-than-sterling records of two physicians who made a bundle of money performing unnecessary surgery on Medicaid patients and dispensing ineffective experimental cancer cures.
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    Lewiston (Idaho) Morning Tribune examines the $64 million funding crisis in Idaho's Medicaid program that threatened nursing home care for 2,900 elderly and mentally disabled residents; the series shows how the system is rife with loopholes in spending limits, fraudulent claims and inspection violations.
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    Roanoke (Va.) Times & World-News runs series examining inadequacies in Virginia's health-care system that leave many unable to afford medical care.
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    New York Times discovers small community hospitals in poor inner cities across the country are facing bankruptcy, due to changes in Medicaid reimbursements and increases in the number of indigent patients.
  • Clark County hospital involved in Medicare/Medicaid fraud

    The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.) shows Clark County hospital is involved in Medicare/Medicaid fraud of pathology and lab work charges.