Deaths, Dying, and Full Disclosure

Number 1841
Subject Health Care
Source Steve Bennish
Affiliation Dayton (Ohio) Daily News
Year 2003
Summary "State laws can be designed to thwart inquires about suspicious deaths in vulnerable populations," this tipsheet begins. "Hints that something is amiss in your state can be found on paperwork as seemingly routine as a police accident report." Bennish lists a number of events surrounding a death or injury that journalists should look out for, and other factors that send up a flare regarding a possible story. This tipsheet provides a list of resources on where to find records on suspicious deaths, including "funeral homes, nursing homes inspection reports, death certificates, computerized state vital statistics compilations of deaths, state compilations of addresses of institutions and homes, medical examiners, coroners reporters and autopsies, police and news reports."
Tags nursing homes; deaths; suspicious deaths; accidents; fatalities; wrongful death; assisted living; major unusual incident reports; aging; mental retardation; mental illness
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Panelists Christopher H. Schmitt; Mark Rochester