Investigating Agribusiness: The data and stories behind the untapped field of our food and fuel

Number 4755
Subject Agriculture
Source Pam Dempsey; Peggy Lowe; Nils Mulvad
Affiliation Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting; Harvest Public Media; Kaas & Mulvad
Year 2016
Summary GMO labeling. Monsanto. Factory-farming. Agribusiness is a multibillion-dollar industry with strong local, national, and international reach. It touches on many issues of our everyday lives – from food to fuel, labor, public funds, environment and government policy. Yet in-depth and investigative coverage of these important issues are scarce. We’ll share our own experiences fighting for data in international courts, turning investigative stories into compelling audio pieces and using data to produce valuable quick-hits to help you better navigate the field of agribusiness and tell deeper and more accurate stories.
Tags agriculture; business; investigation; resources
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