Resources related to the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine

Number 5622
Subject Research
Source Mark Graham
Affiliation Wayback Machine
Year 2018
Summary As numerous events over the past year have demonstrated the usefulness and importance of the web and other digital media archives, and the Wayback Machine, in particular, is growing. Mark Graham will explain these topics and provide real-world examples of various ways journalists and investigators can use the Wayback Machine to help answer questions and gather evidence to back-up claims. Participants will gain actionable experience they can immediately apply to their jobs. At the same time, we will collectively explore new services the Internet Archive might explore and develop, to advance our mission of helping to make the Web more useful and reliable. In addition, we will explore how the Internet Archive's TV News archive can help journalists by giving them the ability to interface with video as data, and conduct research and analysis that was so difficult it was nearly impossible just two years ago.
Tags Wayback Machine; Internet Archive; research; searching; internet
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