Trumping norms: Tracking the Trump Administration’s conflicts of interest

Number 5630
Subject Presidential Administrations
Source Derek Kravitz
Affiliation ProPublica
Year 2018
Summary Generally, most U.S. Presidents do not ensconce their daughter and son-in-law in White House West Wing offices, nor lease and operate a posh hotel bearing their name just a block from the White House, nor refuse to publicly release their tax returns unlike all other previously-elected presidents since the Watergate scandal. Donald J. Trump has flouted many of the ethical mores of past presidents, including even such basics as facts and truth, according to the Washington Post uttering 3,000 false or misleading statements in just his first 16 months in office. All of which makes tracking the Trump administration’s conflicts of interest and other ethics-related issues an excellent adventure for any reporter and news organization. Meanwhile, public trust in government remains near historic lows in the United States.
Tags President Donald Trump; Trump; conflicts of interests; ethical issues; unethical practices
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