Turning your investigation into a book

Number 5631
Subject Book
Source Blake Ellis, Melanie Hicken, Mary Shanklin and Mark Schlabach
Affiliation CNN, CNN, Fifth Estate Media and ESPN
Year 2018
Summary Non-fiction book writing is a creatively satisfying way of taking your investigative project to the next level, and to a potentially global audience. It‘s a great way to make use of all that research and reporting you did for your project that didn’t “make it in.” And it’s one of the last bastions of in-depth investigative reporting, especially for those not still working for large mainstream media outlets. Even though bookstores are closing, there are many exciting opportunities on publishing’s digital frontier. These published author/journalists share their best advice, and offer lessons learned and cautionary tales.
Tags book; non-fiction book writing; investigations; writing an investigative book
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