Writing the investigative narrative

Number 5709
Subject Storytelling
Source Maria Carrillo
Affiliation Tampa Bay Times
Year 2018
Summary You’ve gathered data, docs and human sources. Now it’s time to turn your reporting into a story -- or a series -- that packs a punch. If you’re new to investigative storytelling or want to up your writing game, this workshop is for you. Veteran editor Maria Carrillo has led some of the best narrative teams in the country. In this half-day workshop, she’ll cover the entire story lifecycle, from reporting to writing to planning for publication. Topics include: * Understanding narrative * Reporting for story -- How to gather the details and scenes that will give your piece emotional power * Focus and framing – Finding your way through all that material * Self-editing tips and techniques * Developing a story team -- How to get photographers, artists, designers, digital producers and editors unified behind a common vision We’ll look at examples of successful stories, pulling back the curtain to see how they came together.
Tags investigative narrative; narrative writing; focus; framing; self-editing; story team
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