Using data to cover immigration

Number 5931
Subject Immigration
Source Garance Burke, Perla Trevizo and Topher Sanders
Affiliation The Associated Press, Houston Chronicle and ProPublica
Year 2019
Summary The immigration beat is rich with data, but it's not always easy to get or to interpret. You already know about statistical yearbooks, the monthly reports put out by Customs and Border Protection and are familiar with the stats from the Executive Office of Immigration Review, but how do you go beyond that? How can you request the raw data, how do you word FOIA requests to ensure compliance, and how can you merge and analyze information from multiple sources to get a broader picture of what happens at the border? Finally, how can you “roll your own” data when what you get in response doesn’t tell the full story?
Tags immigration; immigrants; U.S. border; deportation; immigrant court; police raids; ICE; data reporting; computer-assisted reporting; border crossing
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