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  • Dig deeper with social media

    Doug Haddix went into how to do deep dives through social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook. He gave examples of how to do advanced searches on the platforms and the best information to look for and trust.

    Tags: social media; research; sleuthing

    By Doug Haddix


  • The Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and YOU!

    Katie Townsend went into a detailed explanation of what the Freedom of Information Act is, how to make requests using it, what information is available and how to handle records custodians.

    Tags: foia

    By Katie Townsend


  • The Investigative Interview

    Cheryl Thompson explained the basics and the steps of a good investigative interview. She not only gives tips for what to do during the interview, but also explains how to prepare for the interview. She gives an example of a good way to approach someone for an interview, especially when it's a hard and complex story.

    Tags: investigative reporting; interviewing

    By Cheryl W. Thompson


  • Driving Impact Through Multi-Platform Reporting

    Mark Greenblatt goes through the steps of making a story work across multiple platforms. He shared an example of a story that were presented through many mediums, not just its original broadcast form. He demonstrated how one story was stretched across seven platforms and the impact that reporting had.

    Tags: reporting; storytelling; multiplatform storytelling

    By Mark Greenblatt


  • FEC deep dive - hidden gems

    Chad Day gave tips on finding information from the Federal Election Commission, specifically searching the FEC's website. He explained the categories on the site, the important forms to know and understand and the organizations to be aware of.

    Tags: fec; elections

    By Chad Day


  • Digging for Documents

    James Grimaldi shared practical advice and tactics for getting public records, the best ways to track them and hold officials accountable and how to handle obstacles and excuses. He explained the best steps to follow throughout the records request process and shared examples of requests and the stories that came from them.

    Tags: foia

    By James Grimaldi


  • Mass FOIA Requests (and how to do them better than me)

    Steven Rich explained for to make mass Freedom of Information Act requests at once. He used a story to explain the process and get the most information possible.

    Tags: foia

    By Steven Rich


  • Joint Fundraising Committees and Nonprofits

    Carrie Levine explained how to understand joint fundraising done committees and nonprofits. She goes into how to track the money raised by these groups and the stories that come from this information.

    Tags: nonprofits; fundraising

    By Carrie Levine


  • “22 Harvest Street” Writing the Multiplatform Story

    Tisha Thompson went through the steps of how to take one story and present it across multiple platforms. For this story, she showed how audio and visual materials from a crime scene were used to enhance the storytelling process, making the story more effective and helped the victim to better tell his story.

    Tags: storytelling; multiplatform storytelling

    By Tisha Thompson


  • Campaign Finance: News Tips

    Denise Roth Barber, managing director of the National Institute on Money in State Politics, fills this tipsheet with links on how to find state and national campaign finance data, follow money trails and develop stories that go beyond the numbers. This record also includes the PowerPoint presentation for this panel.

    Tags: campaign finance; candidates; backgrounding; follow the money

    By Denise Roth Barber