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  • Interviewing your data with SQL

    If you flip over pivot tables, but wish you had more data tools, this tipsheet is for you. Structured Query Language, or SQL, can help you use powerful filtering functions, find patterns in millions of records and join multiple data tables.

    Tags: SQL; data analysis; data journalism; data reporting; computer-assisted reporting; Structured Query Language; programming;

    By Meghan Hoyer and Troy Thibodeaux


  • Advanced SQL

    If you feel comfortable with the Structured Query Language basics that IRE teaches in its boot camps — SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY — but are ready to see what else SQL can do, this presentation is for you. It will cover more advanced ways of manipulating and questioning data, such as UPDATE queries, joins, writing sub-queries and other neat tricks.

    Tags: slq; structured query language; data; manipulation

    By Jennifer Peebles


  • Digging Deep Into Data with SQL

    Structured Query Language, SQL for short and pronounced “sequel,” is the secret sauce of relational databases. Whether you’re talking high cost database engines such as Oracle and SQL Server or open-source products such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, they all rely on dialects of this same powerful language. Some of them have complex features that take months or years to master. But at their core is something remarkably simple: SQL.

    Tags: sql; data; databases; relational; mysql

    By Lauryn Schroeder; Jonah Newman; Daniel Wheaton; Ronald Campbell


  • An Introduction to SQLite Databases

    Learn how to filter and sort data with SQLite, save and export queries, group and aggregate data, create new data tables, and much, much more.

    Tags: SQLite; database; spreadsheet; Peter Aldhous; MATTER; structured query language; Microsoft Access; postgreSQL; MySQL

    By Peter Aldhous


  • The Basics of SQL

    In this tipsheet, Mary Jo Sylwester of the Center for Public Integrity explains the basics of Structured Query Language (SQL), a computer language used for "asking" databases "questions".

    Tags: CAR; SQL; databases

    By Mary Jo Sylwester