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  • The Stanford Open Policing Project

    On a typical day in the United States, police officers make more than 50,000 traffic stops. Our team is gathering, analyzing, and releasing records from millions of traffic stops by law enforcement agencies across the country. Our goal is to help researchers, journalists, and policymakers investigate and improve interactions between police and the public.

    Tags: standord; academics; scientists

    By Sharad Goel


  • Lessons from scientists and academics

    Scientists, academics and investigative journalists have a lot in common. Both develop deep knowledge of their subjects over long-spanning careers and care about accuracy, fairness and making an impact through groundbreaking discoveries. This presentation will discuss what academics researchers and journalists can learn from each other, how they can effectively work together by harnessing complementary skills and successfully collaborate to push the boundaries of research and reporting while maintaining the highest standards.

    Tags: scientists; academics; knowledge; accuracy

    By Sinduja Rangarajan


  • Working with Academics

    Great stories are hiding in plain sight — in academic papers.

    Tags: university; college; education; researchers

    By Al Shaw


  • Working with Academics: When you need someone even nerdier than you

    Academics can help you make almost impossible projects possible. But how do you know when a project would be a good fit for academic collaboration? What's the challenges behind it? And how do you thread the needle between the demands of journalism and the restrictions of academia? With this presentation, find out how to take your complicated idea and turn it into reality without tearing your hair out.

    Tags: university; college; education; researchers

    By Matt Dempsey


  • Working with academics

    This tipsheet from Matt Dempsey gives advice from his personal experience on working with academics.

    Tags: university; college; education; researchers

    By Matt Dempsey


  • Watchdogging sports

    The tipsheet offers the most thorough tips and tricks on how to start your sports investigations and where to get the documents you need to back your story up.

    Tags: athletes; campus sports; fan rights and safety; academics; stadiums; FOIA; politicians

    By Paula Lavigne, Noah Pransky, Brad Wolverton


  • Covering Casinos: The local beat

    This detailed tipsheet gives advice for local reporters covering the casino business. Aside from general hints, it also contains a casino flow chart and lists of gambling industry analysts, regulators, academics and associations. Several anti-gambling groups, who Fusco says can be very helpful, are also listed.

    Tags: campaign contributions; crime commissions

    By Chris Fusco


  • A Guide to Covering Guns

    This tipsheet lists a set of top ten tips on reporting on guns and places to find contacts in the gun industry. Also included is a list of organizations, academics, attorneys and books on the industry.

    Tags: Guns; weapons; NRA; criminal justice

    By Mark Johnson