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  • Databases in Disaster

    Kucharski details how to report on natural disasters with the assistance of databases. He covered the June 2008 flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "Databases played an important role in our coverage as the community went from a state of shock to rebuilding. We used databases in three main ways: simple searchable databases providing basic community information, as a tool to assist our ongoing reporting and as a stand-alone storytelling tool."

    Tags: natural disasters; disasters; flooding; databases; computer-assisted reporting; CAR; assessor

    By Zach Kucharski


  • Land Grab: Property Records Tipsheet

    Lisa Vorderbrueggen has 11 tips for how to find more information on property records, from befriending your local planners, being on a first-name basis with your county assessor, checking delinquent property tax lists, and real estate conflicts of interest.

    Tags: property records; environmental impact reports; assessed value; public records; campaign contributions

    By Lisa Vorderbrueggen


  • Property Records- Checking Out Lawyers

    Don Ray highlights the path to follow when searching for property records at the town, city or county level. From tax rolls to trust deeds the tipsheet explains what to search for and where.

    Tags: property; land; deed; assessor

    By Don Ray


  • God's Little Acre: Understanding Land Records

    "Land is the most common form of wealth. It is also far easier to trace than stocks, bonds, or other more glamorous types of property. That makes land records vital for investigative reporters."

    Tags: property; building standards; ownership; taxes; utilities; claims; mortgages; tax assessor; quitclaim deeds; grant deeds; land-use laws; land survey system

    By Ronald Campbell


  • Getting the most out of land records

    Ray's handout includes a list of things any reporter can find using land records. The handout includes a sample map, assessor's printout, individual quitclaim deed, and deed of trust. Audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or


    By Don Ray


  • Investigating Local Government

    "Investigating Local Government" gives a department-by- department run-down of available documents, including the Airport Department, Budget and Finance, Building and Zoning, City Attorney, City Clerks, Civil Service Commission, Community Development, Health Department, Human Resources, Libraries, Parks and Recreation, Police Department, Public Utilities, Public Works, Tax Assessor and Traffic.

    Tags: documents; local

    By Gebe Martinez


  • Backgrounding Individuals

    "Records: Some of the Basics" describes sources of information obtainable from public records. Includes licenses (professional, driver's, etc.) issued at the local, state and federal levels; property records from county assessors and recorders; and non-profit corporation records. A more concise, less in-depth version of information found in The Reporters Handbook.

    Tags: Technet 990 Encyclopedia of Associations Voter Registration

    By James Grimaldi


  • A Brief Guide to Common Public Records

    A 3-page guide to common public records, including reverse phone directory, voter registration records, building permits, city business licenses, and records from: city elections office, county recorder, assessor and clerk's offices, superior court, municipal court, U.S. District Court, secretary of state, department of motor vehicles, department of consumer affairs, Federal Aviation Administration, Security and Exchange Commission, U.S. Postal Service, statewide vital statistics. For reporters' reference, Ray has indicated which data bases and indexes he owns, along with his telephone number.

    Tags: public records; government; information

    By Don Ray