The World of Nonprofits

Number 1
Subject Nonprofits
Source Dan Langan, Charlie Shepard, Gil Gaul, Bill Montague, Rich Robertson, Olive Talley, Steve Weinberg, Russel Clemings
Affiliation NCIB, The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, The Arizona Republic, Dallas Mornign News, IRE, Sacramento Bee
Year 1993
Summary This tipsheet is a composite of all the IRE resources on nonprofits available in 1993, including tipsheets, a listing of IRE stories, nonprofit contacts, articles from Uplink and IRE Journal re: nonprofits, a sample Form 990 and a copy of the Stanford Bookstore series. Attached in PDF format is the table of contents. Order the entire kit or just the pages you need. Chapter 13 of The Investigative Reporter's Handbook is about nonprofits.
Tags nonprofit; charity; philanthropy; 990; attorney generals; IRS; Internal Revenue Service; charities as businesses; tax-exempt
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Panelists Talley;Robertson;Shepard;Gaul;Montague