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  • Casino Tipsheet

    A tip sheet on how to investigate casinos. Audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or

    Tags: State Gaming Commission Gambling SEC Filings Licensing Open Records Act Campaign Contributions

    By Joe Stephens


  • Coaching Writers: Five Things You Can Do Now

    Handout gives tips for coaching writers, suggesting techniques like bulletin boards, newsletters and writers groups, interviewing writers, establishing a shared vocabulary and opening the lines of communication.

    Tags: 1 page



  • Access to Campus Crime Reports, Second Edition

    Handbook published by the Student Press Law Center on how to investigate campus crime and access campus crime reports.

    Tags: campus crime; open records laws; law enforcement



  • Documents from Yahweh Religious Sect Investigation

    Documents from Freedburg's Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation of the Yahweh religious sect and its connections to 14 murders. Documents include FBI records, Freedburg's request for criminal file, U.S. District Court documents, Florida motor vehicle registrations, drivers' license records, Metro-Dade Police Department and Public Safety Department request for latent comparison, incident and autopsy reports, Yahweh University's "Open Letter to the World" complaining of the City of Miami's harassment of that institution; inter-office memo; Yahweh literature filed in federal lawsuit; Yahweh's corporate filing; police department's Internal Security Unit report; UCC filing; and affidavit for search warrant.




  • Using Pictures to Tell the Story in Investigative Reporting

    "Using Pictures to Tell the Story in Investigative Reporting," a two-page tip sheet, offers Scurka's advice on the open, the victims' story, visual evidence, documentation, undercover and surveillance recording, confronting a subject, protecting sources, production techniques and more.

    Tags: pictures; photographs; visuals

    By Gary Scurka