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  • Open Records/FOIA

    Randy Evans and Erin Jordan put together this guide to requesting information using open records laws.

    Tags: open records; government; foi; foia; sunshine

    By Randy Evans; Erin Jordan


  • Hunting for documents: State FOIA tips and tricks

    Learn how to use federal and state open records laws to draft records requests the right way. Simmons-Ritchie lays out ways to challenge denials and keep a steady flow of information coming into the newsroom with FOI.

    Tags: FOIA; documents; public record

    By Daniel Simmons-Ritchie


  • The Fast & The Mapped: QGIS Basics

    Not all datasets needs to be mapped, but some do! This mapping class is perfect for beginners looking to learn the basics of visualizing geographic data. We'll go over how to find publicly available data, convert addresses to map points, join datasets and use the open source mapping software, QGIS.

    Tags: maps; gis; qgis; data; geography; visualizing

    By Alexandra Kanik; David H. Montgomery


  • Open Government Guide

    The OPEN GOVERNMENT GUIDE is a comprehensive guide to open government law and practice in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Fifty-one outlines detail the rights of reporters and other citizens to see information and attend meetings of state and local governments.

    Tags: law; foi; states; rights; meetings

    By Dan Barr


  • Innovative Approaches to Storytelling

    Technology is changing the investigative and storytelling processes, from basic fact and data collection and analysis, to producing and delivering stories, to connecting with our communities. Sensors, artificial intelligence, drones, 360-degree video, virtual and augmented reality, data visualization, chatbots and phone apps… the list of emergent tools goes on. Erika Owens of OpenNews and Saleem Khan of INVSTG8.NET discuss recent innovations in storytelling, and how and when to use them.

    Tags: stories; innovation; new

    By Saleem Khan; Erika Owens


  • Digging Deep Into Data with SQL

    Structured Query Language, SQL for short and pronounced “sequel,” is the secret sauce of relational databases. Whether you’re talking high cost database engines such as Oracle and SQL Server or open-source products such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, they all rely on dialects of this same powerful language. Some of them have complex features that take months or years to master. But at their core is something remarkably simple: SQL.

    Tags: sql; data; databases; relational; mysql

    By Lauryn Schroeder; Jonah Newman; Daniel Wheaton; Ronald Campbell


  • Backyard Brawl: Fighting for open government in the age of Trumpania

    In this slideshow, David Cuillier lays out his tools for fighting for open government.

    Tags: open; records; government; tools

    By David Cuillier


  • Digging for data and docs and meeting access: Getting more by spending less

    This tipsheet show you how to work with public agencies to unearth data and documents without spending major money and enforcing compliance with open meetings laws.

    Tags: documents; money; public; agencies; open meetings; law

    By Miranda Spivack


  • Navigating the Oklahoma Open Records Act

    These slides outline in simple terms what Oklahoma Open Records Act entails, including where things get fuzzy. Nelson also outlines how to make a great public records request, useful for any state agency, and when to bring a lawsuit.

    Tags: public records; open records; law

    By Bob Nelson


  • Maximizing Your FOIA Response Rate

    Learn how to use federal and state open records laws to draft records requests the right way. Covers ways to challenge denials and keep a steady flow of information coming into the newsroom with FOI.

    Tags: foi; records; open; state; federal; drafts; denials

    By Robin Luce Herrmann