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  • Using Uber's open data to understand cities

    Cory Kendrick used this presentation in his 2017 Lightning Talk that taught how to use Uber Movement: A free, public website using Uber’s data to help cities make data-driven transportation policy, planning and operational decisions

    Tags: uber; taxi; cars; cities; data; tracking

    By Cory Kendrick


  • Collaborating with the Competition

    Working with a rival news organization might seem like one of the great journalism no-nos, but successful collaborations can be a way for newsrooms around the country -- and the globe -- to combine their individual strengths and produce higher impact work than each organization could achieve on its own. Learn strategies and tools that will make it easier to play nice with the competition, produce awesome, data-driven investigations and take over the world.

    Tags: competition; rival; news; combine; impact; strategy

    By Sandhya Kambhampati


  • Data analysis in R (beginner)

    Peter Aldhous shows how to analyze data using R, which is a very powerful tool, designed by statisticians for data analysis. Described on its website as “free software environment for statistical computing and graphics,” R is a programming language that opens a world of possibilities for making graphics and analyzing and processing data. Indeed, just about anything you may want to do with data can be done with R, from web scraping to making interactive graphics.

    Tags: data analysis; analyze; data; R; squl

    By Peter Aldhous


  • How to be the caring human being behind the job posting (Sponsored by SRCCON - OpenNews)

    Hiring is hard and time consuming. Rachel believes that people want to have an intentional and caring hiring process, but it's easy for things to fall through the cracks. In this tipsheet, she talks about tangible solutions to make this process better.

    Tags: hiring; jobs; work; newsroom

    By Rachel Schallom


  • Mining the social web Github repo

    This repo provides all the information you'll need to get started mining data from social media.

    Tags: mining; data; social; web

    By Lam Thuy Vo; Cathy Deng


  • Mining the social web

    This presentation will give you the why and how of mining data from social media.

    Tags: social; web; mining; data

    By Lam Thuy Vo; Cathy Deng


  • Python for newbies Github repo

    This Github repo is not an introduction to syntax or to programming concepts, since those are the focus of many tutorials. Rather, this will focus on "tribal knowledge" - implicit knowledge that Python developers often take for granted.

    Tags: programming; coding; knowledge; beginner; intro

    By Cathy Deng


  • Following the Money

    From getting open records to tracking the lobbying, Washington Correspondent Jonathan Salant gives some great links to help you keep New York public officials accountable.

    Tags: lobby; lawmakers; campaign contributions;

    By Jonathan D. Salant


  • Requesting records and data under open records law

    Move beyond anecdotes and he-said, she-said journalism with data and documents. Advice on developing a documents state of mind, navigating public records, understanding records retention schedules, exploring key records on a variety of beats and becoming familiar with key national data sets to produce high-impact local stories.

    Tags: request; data; documents; foi

    By Ellen Gabler


  • Open Records in Mississippi

    This tipsheet is a great resource for information about open records law in Mississippi

    Tags: mississippi; open; records; data; documents

    By Gregg Mayer