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  • LAUSD Document Protection for the Joint Legislative Audit Committee has not been Responsive

    This is a copy of a report filed by the chairman of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee of the California Legislature that states that "..the list included here illustrates the types of document the (Los Angeles Unified School District) has in its possession but has not provided to JLAC as of February 9, 1998. Some of these documents are also cited in earlier and still unfulfilled JLAC record requests..." The JLAC audited the LAUSD about the project to construct Belmont School. The JLAC claims documents that should be public were withheld by the LAUSD to obstruct or delay the audit.


    By Scott Wildman


  • Documents and Databases

    This tipsheet has pointers on how to request information and what information should be available. It includes: "A few FOIA tips to make your life easier," "Handy Links," "Sample FOIA letter from," and "Explanation of Exemptions," which includes subsections of Title 5 of the United States Code sections 552 and 552a.

    Tags: FOI

    By Tami Sheheri


  • Food Lion and Beyond: New Developments in the Law of Hidden Cameras

    "The use of hidden cameras by the press -- long a contentious issue -- recently has been brought to the forefront of public attention by the widely publicized case of Food Lion, Inc. v. Capital Cities/ABC Inc., in which a major supermarket chain brought suit against the ABC television network for its PrimeTime Live investigation concerning the supermarket chain's food-handling practices...The resulting reported decisions in Food Lion illustrate both the unsettled state of the law concerning hidden cameras, and the wide disparity with which the use of hidden cameras is treated by the laws of various states...."

    Tags: Legal issues; ethics; journalistic practices

    By Jonathan D. Avila


  • Zoo Animals To Go

    This tipsheet answers the who, what, when, where and why reporters should investigate the zoo business in the United States.

    Tags: Zoo; Exotic animals; Trade

    By Linda Goldston


  • Scandals in the Geezer Boom: Abuses at rest homes and nursing homes

    This tipsheet provides a detailed listing of states ombudsmen.


    By Bill Krueger


  • United States Census 2000

    This tipsheet file contains four handouts. The first is "The Importance of a Fair and Accurate Census," which explains potential shortcomings and their ramifications. The census is the basis for virtually all demographic information used by educators, policy makers, journalists and community leaders. The second handout is "Updated Summary; Census 2000 Operational Plan." The official plan published in February 1999 by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The third handout is a transcript titled, "Oral Statement of Kenneth Prewitt, Director, U.S. Bureau of the Census, Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, March 2, 1999." His presentation was his opportunity to comment on Chairman Miller's ten suggestions for how to improve the census. The fourth handout is a worksheet titled, "Proposed Data Products for the Census 2000 Products and Dissemination Program." It lists what information will be published and how it will be made available.

    Tags: CAR



  • Write the Flipping Story!

    You'll probably never hear an editor yell, "Write the flipping story," across a newsroom. Too bad. Across the United States, speculators are engaging in real estate scams call "flipping" as fast as they can. It's an old gambit. You've probably seen motivational programs on the practice on late-night TV. "Buy property with no money down! Get rich using other people's money!" In short, flipping is the practice of buying property and turning it around quickly for a large increase in value. It's not inherently illegal. But it often is.

    Tags: CAR

    By Dan Browning


  • Using CAR to cover transportation

    This handout provides tips on using CAR to cover transportation. Included is a list of relevant databases available in most cities and states and some story examples.

    Tags: computer-assisted reporter; CAR; databases



  • Other useful numbers

    This packet includes a list of sources and experts, as well as LaFleur's Lottery World Contractor Survey, and Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal articles on state lotteries. Audio tape available through the IRE Resource Center at (573) 882-3364 or rescntr@ Ask for tape #IRE96-67.

    Tags: Covering casinos; lotteries and just exactly what states are allowing 17 pgs.

    By Kevin Shelly;David Collins;David M. Halbfinger


  • Backgrounding Individuals

    "This is not a list," Stith states. "What each of us needs is a mind-set -- not a list -- a mind-set that says, the information I need is out there somewhere, and I am going to find it." Check out this handout on backgrounding for the types of information you can dig up -- with the right mind-set that is. Audio tape available through the IRE Resource Center at (573) 882-3364 or rescntr@ Ask for tape #IRE96-15.

    Tags: Planning; researching and writing the project 4 pgs.

    By Pat Stith