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  • The United States Congress: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Sources

    An annotated bibliography of sources on the U.S. Congress.

    Tags: Congress; bibliography

    By Gregory Harness


  • Social Security numbers: what you shold know

    The article details what social security numbers can tell you, how to use them to access background information and how to contact the social security administration. A sidebar provides a quick map of social security numbers and corresponding states.

    Tags: Social Security

    By Nolan Clay


  • Medical Radiation Tipsheet

    Ted Wendling of the Cleveland Plain Dealer discusses sources, including computer databases, and documents for the IRE Award-winning series on medical radiation. Four-page tip sheet is accompanied by samples of legal abstracts of lawsuits by radiation victims (2 pages); a list of all fines issued by the NRC to U.S. hospitals and how to order an updated list (3 pages); a list of all NRC criminal investigations of medical facilities and how to order an update (2 pages); a list of the 29 states that conduct their own nuclear investigations under an agreement with the NRC, and the contacts for those state agencies (6 pages); a sample voluntary recall notice issued by the FDA (4 pages); and documents pertaining to the removal of an Indiana doctor as radiation safety officer at a hospital.

    Tags: NUDOCS

    By Ted Wendling


  • Combined Federal/State Disclosure Directory

    "Combined Federal/State Disclosure Directory for 1990" lists where to find reports on federal and state officials, including campaign finance, personal finance, lobbying, corporate registration and public financing reports; spending on state initiatives and referendums; and election results. You may request a copy of pages pertaining to specific states or agencies, or request a current directory from the Federal Election Commission at (800) 424-9530 or (202) 376-3140.




  • U.S.-Mexico Trade: Pulling Together or Pulling Apart?

    Summary of OTA analysis of free trade agreement between Mexico and United States; includes summary list of policy options explored by the OTA. Copies of the report, "U.S.-Mexico Trade: Pulling Together or Pulling Apart?" are available from OTA's publications office.

    Tags: NAFTA; environment; pollution; cheap labor

    By John Alic