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  • 50 records to request right now

    Get your FOI templates ready to roll. In this quick-paced, lightning-round style session, two investigative reporters and public records geeks will cover their favorite, most unique, overlooked and under-appreciated records to request from all levels of government. They'll also give examples of how these records were used to produce stories in newsrooms around the country.

    Tags: public records; records requests; record sources

    By Kelly Hinchcliffe and Todd Wallack


  • Prying loose public records

    Learn how to effectively request public records and how to make the process work in your favor. Also, here are some public records templates to help you get started on filing your own requests.

    Tags: public records; public records requests; public records law

    By Katherine A. George and Susannah Frame


  • Maps Made Easy

    At DataMade, a civic technology company in Chicago, we love building, thinking about and learning from digital maps. In this session, we’ll share some of our favorite tools for mapping data, giving emphasis to Derek Eder’s Fusion Tables Searchable Map Template. Open source and easy-to-use, the Fusion Tables Template facilitates the creation of a searchable, filterable map from any spreadsheet or shapefile. We will give a step-by-step overview of the template and demonstrate some of its key features: address search, geolocation, the ability to easily add additional search filters, and hover and popover interactivity for point details.

    Tags: maps; datamade; digital; searchable

    By Regina Compton


  • Hidden Channels, Steganography, and the Research Professional

    The use of hidden messages—i.e., messages that are available only to people who know what to look for, where, and when—has been with us for centuries. Herodotus tells how a message about Xerxes’ hostile intentions was passed to the Greeks underneath the wax of a writing tablet. In ancient China, code ideograms were embedded at prearranged positions in dispatches. During the Middle Ages, monarchs used the grille system, where a wooden template was placed over a seemingly innocuous text, highlighting a secret message beneath.

    Tags: hidden; messages; code; cryptography

    By Mark Monday


  • Louisiana Public Records Act Request

    Consult this tipsheet for a straightforward template and helpful questions to consider when requesting public records under the Public Records Act of Louisiana.

    Tags: template; request; public; records; act; louisiana

    By Manuel Torres


  • You won't believe what static site generators can do for news apps

    This GitHub repo will cover two static site generators that have been developed particularly for news: the Chicago Tribune's Tarbell and NPR Visuals' app template. We'll go over how to bootstrap a project on each and the benefits that each generator provides.

    Tags: app; programming; template; static site; bootstrap

    By NPR Visuals Team


  • NodeXL for Network Analysis

    NoeXl is a template for Microsoft Excel 2007 and later, which allows you to run network analyses in a familiar spreadsheet environment.

    Tags: excel; nodeXL

    By Peter Aldhous


  • Templates for coverage of government

    Hall provides his Powerpoint from the panel On the Beat: Government. He lays out how to make the most of your investigation.

    Tags: government

    By Andy Hall


  • NodeXL for Network Analysis

    Instructions on how to use NodeXL, a template for Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 made for network analysis.

    Tags: nodexl; network; analysis; excel; tutorial; cluster

    By Peter Aldhous


  • Lightning Talks: NodeXL for Social Network Analysis

    NodeXL is a free template for Excel 2007 and 2010 that makes Social Network Analysis easy for anyone familiar with basic spreadsheet functions. NodeXL has been optimized for analyzing online social media-it includes built-in connections to query the APIs of Twitter, Flickrand YouTube, allowing you to draw networks of users and their activity.

    Tags: social network analysis; NodeXL; Excel; API; clustering

    By Peter Aldhous