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  • Managed Care Sources

    Handout lists the names, addresses and phone numbers of six organizations and agencies which are good sources when investigating managed care facilities.

    Tags: 1 page

    By Fred Schulte


  • Investigating Local Government

    "Investigating Local Government" gives a department-by- department run-down of available documents, including the Airport Department, Budget and Finance, Building and Zoning, City Attorney, City Clerks, Civil Service Commission, Community Development, Health Department, Human Resources, Libraries, Parks and Recreation, Police Department, Public Utilities, Public Works, Tax Assessor and Traffic.

    Tags: documents; local

    By Gebe Martinez


  • Seven Tips for Reporters to Remember When Venturing into U.S. Bankruptch Courts

    Handout lists seven tips for reporters to remember when venturing into U.S. Bankruptcy courts, including turning creditors into sources (especially unsecured creditors), going to the bankruptcy bar, using tapes from missed hearings, using preference actions and adversary proceedings and sources of bankruptcy court information; includes several stories illustrating these tips by Deslodge.


    By Rick Desloge


  • Bureau of Justice Statistics on U.S. crime rates

    A handout from the Bureau of Justice Statistics on U.S. crime rates; statistics cover almost all facets crime and the demographics of criminals and victims.

    Tags: crime; rates; statistics



  • The agencies responsible for U.S. immigration policy

    Handout describing the agencies responsible for U.S. immigration policy, from the INS through Congress; includes some tips on inaccurate data; the same file contains a directory of asylum offices, an organizational diagram of the Executive Office for Immigration Review and a directory of INS offices.

    Tags: immigration; policy; agencies

    By Lisa Getter


  • Covering Immigration: Trends for the '90's

    Handout is an extensive list of sources to use when covering immigration issues; categories are: immigration and public policy, the border, education/grassroots, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Hate/Violence, Political Asylum, Organizations/Groups, Government/Law Enforcement, Anti-Immigration Groups.


    By Carla Marinucci


  • Writing Tips for TV News

    "Writing Tips for TV News" is a thorough description of the steps of writing an effective investigative piece for television, including pre-writing and actual writing, where in the writing process to shoot footage and division of the process and the style.

    Tags: 10 pages

    By Erin Hayes


  • Top Ten Tips for Quick Hits

    "Top Ten Tips for Quick Hits" gives handy tips to make the most effective use of your time, from simple things like keeping the number and taking notes on everyone you meet to establishing chronologies to writing stories (not sociological studies).

    Tags: Investigative Reporting Basics; Newsgathering

    By Tom Honig


  • Tips for keeping that big project going

    "Tips for Keeping that Big Project Going" details how to think of ideas for projects, how to research for them and how to get the reporting done within the confines of distractions from daily stories and other problems.

    Tags: Newsgathering; Investigative Reporting

    By Laura Frank


  • Some suggestions...

    "Some Suggestions..." lists six tips to keep in mind while reporting, particularly for a smaller paper; they include dealing with sources and witnesses, remembering the stories which can come from supposedly mundane beats and competing with bigger papers.

    Tags: Story Ideas; Small-budget newsrooms; Small newsrooms; Newsgathering