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  • The top 38 list of excuses government agencies give for not being able to fulfill your data request

    Handout compiles the top 38 excuses government agencies give for not being able to fulfill data requests and answers and strategies for overcoming these roadblocks.

    Tags: 3 pages CAJ CAR



  • Cybertour 1994

    "Cybertour 1994: a wire hack's guide to online wonders" shows users three interesting databases, how to move around in the remote computer's menus and find topics and how to get to specific files and download them into your computer.

    Tags: 10 pages Fedworld Commerce Department Economic Bulletin SEC EDGAR CAJ CAR



  • Sources of Selected Local Comparative Information

    "Sources of Selected Local Comparative Data" lists sources of information on local issues such as schools, toxic release inventory, uniform crime reports and regional economic information which can be accessed through computer and used for local CAJ stories.

    Tags: CAJ CAR

    By Dan Keating


  • St. Petersburg Times Researchers' Blue-Light Sources

    "Blue-Light Sources" lists a description of and numbers for eight sources often used by St. Petersburg Times reporters, including ProfNet, Department of Commerce Economic Bulletin Board, Chemical Hazards Electronic Library, Nuclear Documents System, Phonefile and FedWorld.

    Tags: CAJ CAR

    By Kitty Bennett


  • Resources on the Future

    "Resources on the Future" lists resources for journalists to use when keeping abreast of changes in the media environment; the sources are not aimed at the technical side of computer-assisted journalism but rather at how journalists jobs will change as the medium changes; sources include mainstream periodicals like the New York Times, alternative papers and magazines, books and specialized newsletters.

    Tags: CAJ CAR; wired magazine; New York Times; Quill; AJR; E&P; ASNE

    By Katherine Fulton


  • Miami Herald/Nuevo Herald Database Research Manual for Reporters

    Handout from the Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald Information Center lists sources of information available online which are useful to journalists; includes commercial services like nexis and dialog, government databases and internet resources such as Profnet.

    Tags: 6 pages CAJ CAR

    By Elisabeth Donovan


  • Getting Started with Databases

    A 1991 IU National Institute for Advanced Reporting article on getting started with databases; includes an introduction to the fundamentals of databases, the logic of database manipulation, the use of reports and how databases meet the needs of journalists.

    Tags: 9 pages CAJ CAR

    By Dr. James Brown


  • Understanding Data: Part I

    A May 1994 article handed out at a CAJ seminar called "Understanding Data: Part I"; describes the basics of data storage and manipulation, including search logic and how raw data goes into a database and information comes out; includes an additional handout with information on Paradox, a popular database software.

    Tags: 7 pages CAJ CAR

    By Jane Richter


  • Top 50 people-finding public resources

    A handout consisting of several different parts, including the top 50 people-finding resources, useful public and non-public records, the 10 best sources of 20th century personal data and methods of people searching.

    Tags: 10 pages CAJ CAR

    By Don Ray


  • Sources for health and science data

    A list of sources of information for reporting on health and science issues; includes a description and phone numbers for sources such as the Food and Drug Administration, National Climate Data Center and the Toxic Release Inventory and for topics such as Superfund clean-up sites and human vital statistics; includes many on-line databases.

    Tags: 2 pages CAJ CAR