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  • Tech Tips

    Two-page summary from MICAR's Uplink newsletter column, "Tech Tips," on cleaning up data from a file on diskette so you can run a match in XDB. Discusses a technique for cleaning up inconsistent or dirty data.

    Tags: date; cleaning

    By Brant Houston


  • How Dicar works for changing and improving access to data and documents.

    This tipsheet explains how DICAR (the Danish Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting) works. The tipsheet explains how DICAR works on four levels: as observer, as applicant, as educator, and as advertiser.

    Tags: DICAR; computer assisted reporting

    By Henriette Schjoth


  • A List of Selected Health Groups in Washington

    A list of selected health groups in Washington, D.C., including professional groups for dental and mental health care professionals and laboratories; advocacy groups for the elderly, laboratory animals; medical law specialists and other useful resources.

    Tags: health care; washington dc



  • Starting a workplace safety project

    Outlines how to proceed in a workplace safety project; includes source list, background on Occupational Safety and Health Administration, computer vs. non-computer reporting and public records. Also includes whom to write for the OSHA database, institutions that have the OSHA tapes and can perform analysis, sample federal inspection list, reported occupational injury incidence rates by industry. Casey and Carollo's IRE award winning series on OSHA is Morgue File #8223.

    Tags: Workers compensation job injury

    By Mike Casey; Russell Carollo


  • Confidentiality of Sources

    Tip sheets on: source credibility (how can you tell whether your source is telling the truth?); care and feeding of sources; confidentiality of sources; and how to find, cultivate and keep them.

    Tags: sources; confidentiality

    By Robert W Greene