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  • Web for watchdogs

    An overview of free, easy-to-use online resources for backgrounding, gathering information and making basic data visualizations (no coding required).

    Tags: resources; backgrounding; internet; online; data viz

    By Cody Winchester


  • So, you want to cover health care?

    Tips and strategies for tackling data, money, and stories

    Tags: health care; money; data

    By Kristen Schorsch; Nina Martin; Liz Lucas


  • JavaScript: Reactive frameworks without fear Github repo

    React, Vue, Svelte, Angular – reactive JavaScript frameworks are a dime a dozen, and they’re all pretty intimidating. In this tutorial, we’ll give you a high-level overview of what these frameworks do and how you should think about using them. We’ll also dive into the basic usage of a couple of the more popular options – React and Vue.

    Tags: javascript; reactive; frameworks; vue; react

    By Tyler Fisher; Jon McClure


  • Creating a data culture that lasts

    How can news organizations create a sustainable culture for data and interactive journalism? In some cases, when one dynamic, charismatic CAR leader leaves for a new job, the data team left behind suffers and struggles to rebuild. Get practical advice and tips on ways to build a data culture in your newsroom that's sustainable and independent of any one staffer. How can data teams make a lasting impact on newsroom leadership and culture?

    Tags: culture; data; newsroom; leadership

    By Tom Meagher; Annie Daniel; Mark Nichols


  • Setting up a reproducible data analysis workflow in R

    The goal of reproducible data analysis is to tie specific instructions to data analysis and experimental data so that scholarship can be recreated, better understood and verified.

    Tags: reproducible; analysis

    By Andrew Tran


  • Tip Sheet: I’m Entitled to a Spreadsheet, Dang it! Going Deep on Health Care and Education Data

    Public records requests for data come with their own unique set of challenges — from agencies that insist their databases can only export documents, to those that will only send a fraction of the fields that are disclosable under the law. We’ll give you tips on writing rock-solid public records request for data, and how to respond to the common excuses used to deny these requests.

    Tags: data; public records; documents; spreadsheets; beats

    By Annie Waldman


  • Csvkit, a command-line tool for reporters Github repo

    Ever struggled with large data sets? Or need to quickly join or merge data sets without benefit of a database? We will show you how to harness the awesome power of CSVKit to wrangle large datasets on the command line. It's easy to use, fast and powerful. It's a must in every data journalist's tool box.

    Tags: database; dataset; csvkit; merge; joining

    By Christian McDonald


  • R: Collecting and analyzing Twitter data

    This session would provide an in-depth introduction to working with Twitter's REST and Stream APIs to gather and analyze publicly available Twitter data. The session will provide an overview of the available APIs along with step-by-step examples of searching for tweets and users; retrieving user timelines, favorites, followers and friends; looking up statuses and users; and live-streaming statuses via keyword tracking, following users and random sampling. Featured in the session will be the rtweet package, the updated successor package to the popular [but deprecated] twitteR package.

    Tags: r; twitter; data; apis

    By Michael Kearney


  • Local News Innovation Showcase

    Links from a NICAR 2018 panel about innovative data, development and design work happening in local newsrooms with limited resources.

    Tags: local; innovation; city; county

    By Chase Davis


  • Creating your first satellite image

    In this training, you'll learn how to find, download, combine, and turn data captured by satellites into ready-for-publication images. You'll learn three ways to do this by using point and click tools, command line and Google Earth Engine.

    Tags: satellite; images; google earth

    By David Yanofsky