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  • City and Suburban Reporting

    Duff Wilson provides a useful package that includes a two-page systematic approach to checking out political candidates, a one-page tipsheet on enterprise reporting with public records, a one-page listing of often-overlooked federal, state, local and corporate records accompanied by six examples of the forms, and a four-page listing of great web sites for journalism, government, web searching, free computer stuff and fun 'n games.

    Tags: elections; candidates

    By Duff Wilson


  • Loosening Lips

    Savvy tips on how to set up interviews, deal with reluctant people, and how to maximize the amount of information gathered at each meeting. Audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or

    Tags: Sources; interviewing

    By Eric Nalder


  • Investigating Crime Labs

    This six-page tip sheet offers practical pointers on how to deal with and investigate crime labs. Accompanying the tip sheet is The Times 5-part series on "Overwhelming Evidence: Crime Labs in Crisis." (See Story No. 10900 for full text)

    Tags: Quality Control in Crime Labs 28 pages

    By Eric Nalder


  • Loosening Lips: The Art of the Interview

    The two veteran journalists share their interviewing secrets in "Random Thoughts on the Art of Interviewing, Second Edition," three pages, by freelancer Bruce Selcraig, and "Interviewing," four pages, by Eric Nalder of the Seattle Times. Handout from Don Ray describes ways to get a great interview, including interview tips, motivators which can be manipulated and high percentage tips for scoring a good interview. File also includes unidentified magazine article titled "11 Tactics for Interviewing People Who Don't Talk."

    Tags: interview; subjects

    By Eric Nalder


  • Resources for Military Coverage

    List of publications and telephone numbers for reporters covering the military.

    Tags: Department of Defense; Navy; Air Force; Army; Marines