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  • How to obtain details about a person's life on the Web

    This panel discussed how to obtain details about a person's life on the Web. No handout, but audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or

    Tags: backgrounding



  • Backgrounding an individual or company

    This handout covers how to background individuals using computer sources. The handout includes tips for how to form the question you are trying to answer and where to go on the Internet to answer it. Audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or


    By Alan Schlein


  • Investigative Profiles: Backgrounding and enriching stories on newsmakers

    There is no handout for this session, but an audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or




  • How to get human sources on the Net

    This 3-page tipsheet includes links to about 20 different websites that would be useful to an investigative reporter. In addition, the tipsheet includes a brief description of each link. Categories for the links include: Web directories, Forum or discussion groups, Going behind a website, and Backgrounding.

    Tags: internet; web; websites; web sites; investigative reporting; reporter; tips; computer

    By Sofia Basso


  • Backgrounding Individuals

    "This is not a list," Stith states. "What each of us needs is a mind-set -- not a list -- a mind-set that says, the information I need is out there somewhere, and I am going to find it." Check out this handout on backgrounding for the types of information you can dig up -- with the right mind-set that is. Audio tape available through the IRE Resource Center at (573) 882-3364 or rescntr@ Ask for tape #IRE96-15.

    Tags: Planning; researching and writing the project 4 pgs.

    By Pat Stith


  • Backgrounding a busingess through databases, online and other...

    Cohen's handout focuses on backgrounding a business through databases and other methods. He says it is by no means a complete list of business resources online, but it does list some of the resources he's found useful. The list begins with what is easiest for beginners -- commercial online services and then progresses to lists of bulletin boards and then sites that can be found only through an Internet connection.

    Tags: business; online

    By Warren Cohen


  • Looking at Congressmen

    How does your congressman spend taxpayer money? This handout explains how to look through the Report of the Clerk of the House, the House Administration Handbook and the House Ethics Manual. Includes what to look for to determine what your congressman owns and how to tell when your congressman gets in trouble. Complete with a bibliography of helpful books and articles and a one-page sample check of House Report.

    Tags: Backgrounding; Government; Taxes

    By Chuck Neubauer


  • Some tips on backgrounding a member of Congress

    Members of Congress, like other public figures, should be easier to background than most. Hidden gems can be found if you look in the right places. Cohen shows how he dug up some rare and interesting tidbits on former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in this quick tipsheet.

    Tags: backgrounding; congress; politics; quotes; archives; legislation; campaign; Congressional Record; financial disclosure; FEC

    By Gary Cohen

  • Some tips on backgrounding a Member of Congress

    Sources for backgrounding a member of Congress include the Congressional Record for verbatim transcriptions of speeches, the Federal Election Commission report for the names of campaign managers, old newsletters to constituents, transcripts from news shows, research dug up by the opposition, yearly financial disclosure forms, and the college archives of places the Congressional member taught or studied.

    Tags: Backgrounding; Newsgathering; Political Profiles; Gingrich

    By Gary Cohen


  • Backgrounding in hurry

    "Backgrounding in a Hurry" gives sound instruction on getting started, following the paper trail, checking court records, backgrounding business and building a chronology. Also included is Uhrhammer's special report which backgrounded Terry Nichols.

    Tags: Public records; backgrounding

    By Jerry Uhrhammer