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  • It's a Disaster

    Matt Jacobs and Alex Richards show you the steps to take when reporting on disasters. Disaster stories include: bridges and damns collapsing, chemical safety, aircraft disasters, weather, flooding, and earthquakes.

    Tags: disasters; data; reporting; prevention; tips; safety

    By Matt Jacobs, Alex Richards


  • Investigating the Aftermath of Disasters

    Kestin explains how she and other reporters at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel discovered and revealed $530 million in fraud and waste in FEMA disaster aid nationwide. She provides an overview of FEMA and tells reporters covering disaster stories what things they should be looking for. Kestin also provides a list of sources for these types of stories.

    Tags: natural disasters; FEMA; Hurricane Katrina; fraud; federal agencies

    By Sally Kestin


  • Oldies but Goodies: Probes into Dams and Bridges

    Davidson breaks this tipsheet into two sections: bridges and dams. For each part, he first suggests possible issues to investigate, and then makes some suggestions on how to proceed. For example, one of his suggestions for dams is an investigation of whether or not local dams have emergency action plans in place. The suggestions on how to proceed include various helpful websites, as well as tips on data analysis.

    Tags: waterways; environment; investigation; inspection data; CAR; disaster stories

    By Lee Davidson