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  • The National Registry of Exonerations

    The National Registry of Exonerations collects, analyzes and disseminates information about all known exonerations of innocent criminal defendants in the United States from 1989 to the present. They publish narrative accounts of each exoneree’s case and provide accessible, searchable online statistical and demographic data about the cases. They also conduct empirical studies of the process of exoneration and of factors that lead to the underlying wrongful convictions.

    Tags: exoneration; prison; innocent; defendants; criminal

    By Maurice Possley


  • Tools to Handle PDFs

    A long, long time ago… 22 years to precise… Adobe created the PDF as a way to have a document look the same no matter what computer or operating system it was displayed on. This seemingly innocent idea has become the pervasive standard solution for governments and corporations to store all documents. Odds are, you’ve come across some useful bits of data contained within a PDF. Or worse, your local government complied with their electronic mandate for open records requests by providing scanned in images of spreadsheets embedded into a PDF. It’s enough to makes you wonder if PDFs were put on this planet to make your job harder. Luckily you’re not alone, and there are now lots of tools available to get organized information out of a PDF. And, if need be, we can put a work-flow together to crack some worst case scenarios.

    Tags: pdfs; data; records

    By Acton Gordon


  • Wrongful convictions: Reasons and possible safeguards

    This tipsheet will help journalists from falling into the trap of convicting an innocent person along with the legal system. Mahoney gives suggestions for making sure eyewitness are accurate, testimonies are truthful and lawyers are doing their jobs.

    Tags: Conviction; crime; innocent; guilty; police; false; testimony; trial

    By Barry Mahoney


  • Convicting the wrong man

    This is a story about David Jonathan Quindt, a man who was convicted of a crime he did not commit. This story explains why the law came after David, why he was convicted, and how his innocence was proved.

    Tags: Crime; court; innocent; convicted

    By Gary Delsohn


  • Blind Justice: Who killed Janie Fray?

    Hansen's one-page handout sums up his investigation that won the IRE medal for radio this year. When Jane Marie Fray was found brutally murdered, police moved quickly to arrest her boyfriend Ricky Almosch. WJR Radio began looking at facts and circumstances that police had either ignored or not found. The investigation and a number of court hearings eventually led to the dismissal of all charges, ending Amolsch's 10-month imprisonment and a renewed quest for the real killer. To order a tape and/or transcript of Hansen's winning broadcast, ask for file #12837.Although Martin Yant (Ohio Observer) was unable to attend the session, his article about the wrongful conviction of a young Dayton couple who spent 11 years in prison for sexual abuse is included in this packet. Audio tape available through the IRE Resource Center at (573) 882-3364 or [email protected] Ask for tape #IRE96-43.

    Tags: Freeing the innocent: Investigating wrongful convictions 16 pg.

    By Rod Hansen