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  • Investigating child mistreatment presentations

    Stories about troubled children -- from babies born with drug addictions to youths abused and neglected in licensed childcare facilities or at home under the watch of social workers -- often are hidden under a veil of secrecy and shielded by convoluted confidentiality laws. Reporters from the NY Daily News, Reuters and the New England Center for Investigative Reporting provide useful tips on how to access hard-to-find information using state and federal public disclosure laws as well as report and write impact-driven stories with the help of often vulnerable sources and innovative storytelling techniques. These investigations can have direct and tangible impacts on laws and policies.

    Tags: children; infants; abuse; neglect; drugs

    By Duff Wilson, Jenifer McKim


  • Investigating Agribusiness: The data and stories behind the untapped field of our food and fuel

    GMO labeling. Monsanto. Factory-farming. Agribusiness is a multibillion-dollar industry with strong local, national, and international reach. It touches on many issues of our everyday lives – from food to fuel, labor, public funds, environment and government policy. Yet in-depth and investigative coverage of these important issues are scarce. We’ll share our own experiences fighting for data in international courts, turning investigative stories into compelling audio pieces and using data to produce valuable quick-hits to help you better navigate the field of agribusiness and tell deeper and more accurate stories.

    Tags: agriculture; business; investigation; resources

    By Pam Dempsey; Peggy Lowe; Nils Mulvad


  • The Cycle of a News App

    A news app needs planning, care and feeding. If you design an app that needs to be updated, you can’t always count on government agencies maintaining the same format. This tipsheet will give you some tips for designing apps in a way that will keep them alive: How to care for them and how to make those difficult end-of-life decisions.

    Tags: news apps; design

    By Scott Klein; Jolie McCullough; Jennifer LaFleur; Jacqui Maher


  • Beyond Chi Square

    Sometimes it's important to know whether a pattern could be a fluke. Is a stockbroker lucky or trading on insider knowledge? Did a player throw a game or have a bad streak? Is the lottery rigged or could the same person win twice? Reporters often turn to traditional methods like a chi-square test to determine statistical significance, but other techniques, from poisson distributions to monte carlo simulations, might be a better fit. This PowerPoint presentation will walk you through some of the methods you can use to answer the question: is it a fluke?

    Tags: patterns; chi square; statistics; poisson distribution; monte carlo simulation;

    By Jennifer LaFleur; Olga Pierce; John Templon; Sarah Cohen; Mark Hansen


  • Humanizing Numbers

    Data helps you tell your story, yet for journalists, the most important work remains the human story and giving insight into individuals. Read this tipsheet to see how data journalists help their readers empathize and how they balance analysis with narrative. Panelists will share how they write effectively about statistics, use data to find real people to interview, and develop data visualizations that bring numbers to life. We will show great examples that we admire and we'll share concrete tips from our own work.

    Tags: humanizing; data; numbers; narrative; writing; visualizations

    By Kendall Taggart


  • Javascript 2: jQuery and the DOM

    JavaScript is the key to adding interactivity to your web pages, data visualizations and news apps. Learn how a web page is structured under the hood and how to unlock its full potential with JavaScript and jQuery.

    Tags: javascript; interactive; visualizations; data visualizations; news apps; jquery; DOM

    By Scott Pham


  • The Numbers Game

    This tipsheet explains how to use data to reinforce your story.

    Tags: data-driven story; fact-chekcing

    By Frank Bi, Joanna Lin, Eric Sagara


  • Muckraking In Africa

    Dayo Aiyetan gives an overview of the political, social and economic backgrounds of Africa and goes through what topics to look into when investigating the area and how to approach and cover the issues.

    Tags: Africa; foreign affairs; economics; politics; muckraking; investigative reporting

    By Dayo Aiyetan


  • Deep dive into Medicare Advantage

    David Donald dives deep into the Investigative Reporting Workshops's investigation on Medicare Advantage. He goes through what kinds of data IRW got from CMS, how they analyzed them and how they reported the finding.

    Tags: Medicare; data; CMS; healthcare;

    By David Donald


  • Detecting Corporate Fraud

    This tipsheet covers how to investigate various types of corporate fraud, what documents to look for, how to background business leaders, and how to identify red flags.

    Tags: corporate fraud; criminal justice

    By Roddy Boyd