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  • Lessons from scientists and academics

    Scientists, academics and investigative journalists have a lot in common. Both develop deep knowledge of their subjects over long-spanning careers and care about accuracy, fairness and making an impact through groundbreaking discoveries. This presentation will discuss what academics researchers and journalists can learn from each other, how they can effectively work together by harnessing complementary skills and successfully collaborate to push the boundaries of research and reporting while maintaining the highest standards.

    Tags: scientists; academics; knowledge; accuracy

    By Sinduja Rangarajan


  • Investigating Immigration

    Move beyond routine stories about immigrants and immigration by digging deeper on key documents and data that might be new to you. You’ll learn where different datasets are located at the local, state and federal level as well as how to use alternative data sources to cover immigration. Regardless of where you live or work, you'll learn a variety of fresh story ideas and tips for producing watchdog stories about immigration that make a difference in your community.

    Tags: immigrants; data; sets; story; immigration

    By Maria Zamudio; Sarah Macaraeg; Pam Dempsey; Reade Levinson


  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

    Learn how KyCIR prepared for the chance of a massive onslaught of pageviews.

    Tags: preparation

    By Kate Howard; Alexandra Kanik


  • Bring your investigative reporting to life using animation and comics

    Got court transcripts of a particular riveting moment during a trial or first-hand accounts of abuse in a nursing home? This presentation will show you new ways animation and comics can bring documents and important moments of your investigation that happened behind closed doors to life. Comics and animation can also help newsrooms attract a younger audience, who are naturally drawn to visual journalism and love to share exceptional work on social media. It will show how illustrations and motion graphics work and what best practices visual journalists have developed in their newsrooms. It will also tackle ethical pitfalls. And you will learn what you need to do to produce your own illustrations and explainer videos. This session requires no prior knowledge.

    Tags: animation; video; graphics; comics

    By Hilke Schellmann


  • Education Civil Rights Data: The good, the bad, the dirty

    This slideshow covers the federal civil rights dataset, how to make the most of it and avoid the pitfalls.

    Tags: civil rights; data

    By Jennifer LaFleur


  • Techraking 2018: Bootstrapping the news

    One of the biggest hurdles to learning programming is the often bewildering process of setting up your computer. Veteran programmers and data crunchers from Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting will give you a virtual playground on your personal laptop that will allow you to explore all the tools you'll gather throughout the conference.

    Tags: computers; data; programming; laptop

    By Michael Corey; Eric Sagara; Emmanuel Martinez


  • Perfecting your 15-minute background check - and why you should do it every time

    How are you sure that great source with the perfect quote isn't too good to be true? Even great reporters can get tricked by fake names or sketchy backgrounds. This slideshow will walk you through some websites and strategies you can use to create a routine and spot potential red flags before you get burned.

    Tags: background check; names; quotes; strategy

    By Kate Howard


  • Building an accountability culture in the newsroom

    12 slides, three steps on what you need to build a watchdog culture, how you can you make it work and have some fun.

    Tags: accountability; watchdog

    By Brendan McCarthy


  • Beyond Casinos and Smoke Shops: How to cover sovereign nations

    This tipsheet covers new ways to cover sovereign nations.

    Tags: developing; overseas; countries

    By Ziva Branstetter; Jenni Monet; Craig Harris; Stacy Thacker


  • Investigating Big Ag

    This tipsheet links to the stories discussed in "Investigating Big Ag"

    Tags: agriculture; farming; business

    By Nathan Halverson; Brant Houston; Mike McGraw; Pam Dempsey