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  • The life-changing magic of getting organized

    Is your desk so cluttered with papers, notes and files that you can’t see the top? Do you have trouble finding that perfect quote in a document somewhere on your computer? Do you start an investigation with ambitious plans for organization, only to promptly abandon them a few weeks in? This tipsheet is for you! We’ll showcase our favorite old-school and new-school tools for taking notes and staying organized. Come prepared to share your favorite techniques and pick up a few new ones, too.

    Tags: organization; organizational tools; organizing techniques

    By Sarah Hutchins and Taylor Blatchford


  • Thinking big: Building a network of students and professionals to tackle national projects

    A group of universities and nonprofit news organizations have banded together to collectively undertake an ambitious national project on limited funds. This tipsheet discusses the model they are developing, solicit suggestions from the crowd and connect with potential partners.

    Tags: student professional collaborations; partnerships; collaborations

    By Deborah Nelson


  • Finding, nurturing and protecting sources

    This tipsheet will share techniques and strategies essential to landing and protecting the most sensitive and delicate sources around - sexual assault victims, government administrators, whistleblowers and insiders within criminal organizations.

    Tags: sourcing; sources; protecting sources; sensitive sources

    By Mary Hargrove


  • How to turn your investigation into a narrative: Getting them to read to the very last word

    Deep reporting? Check. Killer interviews? Check. But how do you pull it all together? Learn from master storytellers on key approaches to organization, writing, revising and self-editing to produce compelling stories with high impact.

    Tags: storytelling; narrative writing; organization; editing

    By Jim Steele


  • Uncovering hidden stories at nonprofit organizations

    Nonprofit organizations can be an untapped source for watchdog stories and investigations. Learn how to find and navigate IRS 990 forms and other documents to track spending, contracts, executive compensation and potential conflicts of interest at nonprofit organizations. Find out how to dig digger on organizations such as nonprofit hospitals, charity groups, arts organizations, youth sports leagues and more.

    Tags: nonprofits; 990s; spending; contracts; compensation; conflicts of interests; investigate nonprofits

    By Andrea Fuller


  • Fellowships and grants for freelancers

    Leaders from organizations that give grants to freelancers explain what kinds of stories they are looking for and what you need to do to successfully apply for a grant. This will be a robust question and answer session.

    Tags: freelance; freelance grants; freelance fellowships; freelancing

    By Brant Houston, Esther Kaplan, Jane Sasseen, Cheryl W. Thompson and Laird Townsend


  • Pulling of big projects in small(er) newsrooms

    Seeing amazing work being done by pioneers in our industry invigorates and inspires, but when we get back to our newsroom, reality can dampen our excitement. ‘We don’t have the budget’ or ‘We can’t let you take time away from your beat’ or ‘Nobody here even knows where to begin on that’ are common refrains in smaller newsrooms, and frequently mean your great idea is canned before it even has a chance. Alas, there are ways to hack these problems, offer creative solutions to your bosses and even make money for your organization with your idea. From finding developers who can work with you on a budget and structure the project, to gaining buy-in from higher-ups and finding revenue opportunities, this discussion will offer a framework for getting your big idea done.

    Tags: smaller newsroom investigations; budget investigations; big projects

    By Evan Wyloge, Emily Le Coz and Nate Morabito


  • How to find, read and use 990s

    There are more than 1.5 million nonprofits spread across the U.S., including public charities, private foundations and other types such as chambers of commerce. These organizations are involved in a variety of industries including education, government, the environment, health and any other topic a typical reporter may cover in their day-to-day beat. Most nonprofits are required to file detailed statements — called 990s — that publicly disclose a large amount of information about the organization. This tipsheet provides both novice and expert reporters with tips, strategies and context for navigating the world of nonprofits.

    Tags: nonprofits; 990s; charitable foundations; campaign finance; public charities

    By Brad Racino


  • Trumping norms: Tracking the Trump Administration’s conflicts of interest

    Generally, most U.S. Presidents do not ensconce their daughter and son-in-law in White House West Wing offices, nor lease and operate a posh hotel bearing their name just a block from the White House, nor refuse to publicly release their tax returns unlike all other previously-elected presidents since the Watergate scandal. Donald J. Trump has flouted many of the ethical mores of past presidents, including even such basics as facts and truth, according to the Washington Post uttering 3,000 false or misleading statements in just his first 16 months in office. All of which makes tracking the Trump administration’s conflicts of interest and other ethics-related issues an excellent adventure for any reporter and news organization. Meanwhile, public trust in government remains near historic lows in the United States.

    Tags: President Donald Trump; Trump; conflicts of interests; ethical issues; unethical practices

    By Derek Kravitz


  • Backgrounding like a boss

    Cody Winchester shared web tools and organizational strategies for scrubbing the backgrounds of people and institutions.


    By Cody Winchester