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  • First Python Notebook

    This textbook will guide you through an investigation of money in politics using data from the California Civic Data Coalition. You will learn just enough of the Python computer programming language to work with the pandas library, a popular open-source tool for analyzing data. The course will teach you how to use pandas to read, filter, join, group, aggregate and rank structured data. You will also learn how to record, remix and republish your analysis using the Jupyter Notebook, a browser-based application for writing code that is emerging as the standard for sharing reproducible research in the sciences.

    Tags: python; notebook; programming; data; analysis; jupyter

    By Ben Welsh; James Gordon; Cheryl Phillips


  • Reproducible Research and Analysis Sharing

    The following slides share some useful links for you to learn about reproducible research and analysis.

    Tags: data; data analysis; reproducible research; preplication

    By Serdar Tumgoren


  • Reproducible Research

    The following slides go through everything from what reproducible research means, why we should apply the scientific research method into journalism and how to do it right. You can get the slides from this repo as well:

    Tags: data; data analysis; reproducible research; preplication

    By Bill Alpert