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  • Reporting on Worker Safety

    Gives tips to reporters doing research for worker safety.

    Tags: worker safety

    By Bill Muller


  • Bernard Baran: The 80s Day Care Panic's First Conviction

    This tipsheet includes a summary of the wrongful conviction of Bernard Baran as well as a research report by the U.S. Department of Justice - Convicted by Juries, Exonerated by Science: Cases Studies in the Use of DNA Evidence to Establish Innocence After Trial.


    By David Fry


  • Danger! Danger! Reporting on Risk in Medicine and Environment

    Reporting on risk comes in two flavors - figuring out what the researchers are really telling you with their studies, and figuring out whether to pursue a tip from a distraught reader or viewer. This tipsheet was designed to help decipher the often difficult world of medical and environmental reporting.


    By Sarah Cohen


  • Satellite Imagery ... on Your Desktop

    The volume and diversity of Earth remote sensing data and the range of applications to social science research are growing rapidly. This tipsheet contains two handouts. The first is a set of slides from Dr. Chen's presentation. The second handout is titled, "SaVi; Software for the visualization and analysis of satellite constellations." SaVi is software crated at the Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota for the visualization and analysis of satellite constellations.

    Tags: CAR

    By Robert S. Chen


  • Major Public Records Online Services

    This tipsheet provides a comparison of major online public record providers and tips for getting the most out of your online research.

    Tags: CAR

    By Kitty Bennett


  • Graduate seminar in research syllabus

    Syllabus is provided for a class designed to help students locate and obtain public documentary information, how to read for newsworthy facts and how to cull facts into powerful news stories.

    Tags: CAR; Databases; Access; Excel

    By Teresa Allen


  • Transportation Links on the Web

    This tipsheet provides a list of useful websites for researching a transportation story. It also includes a DWI story and background information from The Record.

    Tags: CAR

    By Rob Gebeloff


  • Taking the Temperature of Your Local Hospital

    Includes sources for the medical reporter, story ideas and information on helpful medical document research.

    Tags: medical reporting; medical documents

    By Dave Davis; Rick Linsk


  • Plan for News Research

    This handout includes a sample of the San Jose Mercury-News' plan for news research and library survey results.

    Tags: news; library

    By Brandon Bailey; Jennifer LaFleur


  • Corporate research

    This handout looks at simple ways to investigate a corporation. The handout lists documents to check when looking at a large company. Audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or


    By Rob Wells