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  • Some tips on backgrounding a Member of Congress

    Sources for backgrounding a member of Congress include the Congressional Record for verbatim transcriptions of speeches, the Federal Election Commission report for the names of campaign managers, old newsletters to constituents, transcripts from news shows, research dug up by the opposition, yearly financial disclosure forms, and the college archives of places the Congressional member taught or studied.

    Tags: Backgrounding; Newsgathering; Political Profiles; Gingrich

    By Gary Cohen


  • Tips and Guidelines for Givers

    This packet includes a one-page tip sheet of guidelines for donors; however, this may also be helpful to reporters checking out not-for-profits. Additionally, this packet includes 20 pages worth of examples from the National Charities Information Bureau on such not-for-profits as the Walker Cancer Research Institute, the National Emergency Medical Association, the League of Women Voters and others.

    Tags: Nonprofit; Organizations; Charities

    By Daniel Langan


  • CAR on the Politics Beat

    Guide of listserves, WWW sites, gophers, databases, and forums for reporters covering politics. Includes information on how to search online for sources, story ideas, background articles, statistics, datasets, source documents, and public records. Audio tape is available for purchase from the IRE Resource Center. Contact us at (573) 882-3364 or

    Tags: CAR; computer-assisted reporting; Congress; Campaign finance; Electronic data; Internet; online research

    By Elisabeth Donovan


  • What can you do about money in politics?

    Descriptions of organizations from around the country who are researching campaign financing or working towards campaign finance reform.

    Tags: Governmental ethics Lobbying laws Special-Interest groups Campaign contributions 4 pgs.



  • Researching Law

    Three short articles raise separate legal questions: procedural fairness in nonbinding arbitration, financial efficacy of social intervention programs versus incarceration, and reforming products liability law.

    Tags: Research

    By American Bar Foundation


  • Maternal Drug Abuse Data Archive

    Sociometrics Corporation is establishing an archive of outstanding data sets relating to maternal drug abuse and fetal drug exposure with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funds from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

    Tags: Maternal; drug abuse; data; Drugs; Health; Drug addiction

    By J.J. Card; Kathryn Muller


  • Researching Public Records

    Lists the public records that are available from the FEC. Includes records on candidates, individual contributors and records on the activities of the FEC.

    Tags: Elections Campaigns 2 pgs.



  • Using FEC Campaign Finance Information

    This booklet from the FEC familiarizes you with the services that the it has which enable the public to research the financial information on federal candidates, political parties and political action committees (PACS). This gives information about how to get information from public records, where to get the information and legal research resources.

    Tags: FEC; Campaign Finance; Public Records



  • MediaNet

    The handout describes the MediaNet, a free research service offered by journalists. Provides guide on how to post to various lists. Also includes information on other compuetr networks for journalists such as UseNet and ProfNet. The handout also provides a list of rules to follow when you are posting mail to email lists and UseNet newsgroups. Following the rules will make the trip through cyberspace much easier. fficers

    Tags: Network Sources; Email Rules; Research; Online Newsgathering; Internet



  • Information On A Person: Source List: Ken Cole, This Is Your Life

    Handout consists of an article written by the reporter in which a volunteer gave only his name and address and let researchers find out as much information about his life as possible (which was a great deal); also included is a thorough review of databases used to find individual information, including commercial services, court records, real estate information, drivers license information, and credit databases; also includes a one page listing of where to look to get particular information on an individual.

    Tags: 12 pages

    By Ken Cole