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  • Zillow Real Estate & Rental Data Products

    The Zillow Real Estate Market Reports are a monthly overview of national and local real estate and rental markets. The reports are compiled by Zillow Real Estate Research and are released on the second-to-last Thursday of every month. The reports include home values, rents, for-sale inventory, forecasts and foreclosure data at the metro level. Here's a guide to using them.

    Tags: housing; data; research; homes; value

    By Skylar Olsen


  • The Investigative Fund

    The Investigative Fund seeks out reporting on important stories with the potential for social impact. It likes to see reporting plans that are ambitious but realistic, with the potential to expose institutional failures or abuses. If you already have important sources or documents in hand, that will strengthen your proposal. If your previous work indicates you’d have the capacity and knowledge base to tackle the story, that helps too.

    Tags: research; reporting; help; documents; sponsor; freelance

    By Sarah Blustain


  • When journalism and security research collide: How journalists and security researchers can collaborate to investigate and break stories.

    Since the Snowden revelations, we've seen an uptick in journalists teaming up with technologists for deep research into government surveillance and digital freedom. At the Electronic Frontier Foundation, staff are combining traditional journalist techniques with security research to generate new kinds of investigations, from exposing insecure software giveaways by police to revealing mismanaged license plate reader networks. This presentation will discuss some of their most impactful investigations and outline ways that technologist and reporters can combine forces in the years to come.

    Tags: snowden; hackers; technologists; research; surveillance

    By Dave Maass


  • How to find hackers/security researchers and get them to talk to you

    This tipsheet provides advice for finding hacking and security experts and getting them to talk to you.

    Tags: security; hacking; cyber; experts

    By Yael Grauer


  • Covering Defense Department Weapons Programs

    The Pentagon wants to spend about $184 billion next year on weapons procurement and research. This touches many regions. The tipsheet will outline DoD, congressional and public interest resources for tracking defense spending, and contracts and contractor performance in your readership area. It will also focus on how to develop sources and get deeply inside secretive military communities -- such as Navy SEALs and submariners -- starting at ground zero. We'll also discuss the importance of attention to detail needed to cover the military. This includes not lumping all veterans together and understanding there are intricacies to each branch. Calling a Marine a soldier is a detail that loses trust and confidence. The lack of attention to detail is one of the main reasons service members tend to distrust journalists.

    Tags: defense; spending; government

    By Tony Capaccio


  • Turning your investigation into: A book - tipsheet

    Non-fiction book writing is a creatively satisfying (and sometimes lucrative) way of taking your investigative project to the next level, and to a potentially global audience. It ‘s a great way to make use of all that research and reporting you did for your project that didn’t “make it in.” And it’s one of the last bastions of in-depth investigative reporting, especially for those not still working for large mainstream media outlets. Even though bookstores are closing, there are many exciting opportunities on publishing’s digital frontier. These published author/journalists share their best advice, and offer lessons learned and cautionary tales.

    Tags: books; writing; investigation; publishing

    By Mike Stanton


  • Research Gumbo: Investigative Research Links

    This tipsheet serves a stew of the latest tools and tricks for public records research, online privacy, advanced search techniques, alerting services and personal web caching and archiving.

    Tags: research

    By Margot Williams


  • Research Gumbo

    This tipsheet contains an assortment of new developments in research technique.

    Tags: research

    By Barbara Gray


  • Reproducible Research and Analysis Sharing

    The following slides share some useful links for you to learn about reproducible research and analysis.

    Tags: data; data analysis; reproducible research; preplication

    By Serdar Tumgoren


  • Reproducible Research

    The following slides go through everything from what reproducible research means, why we should apply the scientific research method into journalism and how to do it right. You can get the slides from this repo as well:

    Tags: data; data analysis; reproducible research; preplication

    By Bill Alpert