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  • Regular expressions

    Regular expressions are a powerful tool when working with data, especially when dealing with values that are formatted inconsistently. They're supported by a variety of text editors, databases and programming languages, but they can be pretty daunting if you've never dealt with them before. Learn about the basics of regular expressions and how they can help with your next batch of dirty data.

    Tags: data; programming; database

    By Justin Myers


  • Free Tools for Journalists

    This tipsheet goes through pros and cons of 32 different free tools of different functions ranging from spreadsheets, text editors and database managers to data visualization tools and FOIA request trackers.

    Tags: data; free tools; csv tools; text editors; PDFs; maps; visualization; timeline; FOIA;

    By Helena Bengtsson; Samantha Sunne


  • Text editors for cleaning data

    This handout covers some commands that would significantly improve the process of cleaning data using the program UltraEdit. It includes a "quick hit" list of symbols and the functions to which they correspond.


    By Derek Willis