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  • R: Collecting and analyzing Twitter data

    This session would provide an in-depth introduction to working with Twitter's REST and Stream APIs to gather and analyze publicly available Twitter data. The session will provide an overview of the available APIs along with step-by-step examples of searching for tweets and users; retrieving user timelines, favorites, followers and friends; looking up statuses and users; and live-streaming statuses via keyword tracking, following users and random sampling. Featured in the session will be the rtweet package, the updated successor package to the popular [but deprecated] twitteR package.

    Tags: r; twitter; data; apis

    By Michael Kearney


  • Data visualization in the upside down

    Does north always have to be at the top of maps? Do timelines always have to run left-to-right? Spurred by the needs of responsive design, many newsrooms have been experimenting with unconventional orientations for data visualizations. This tipsheet will explore how standards and conventions are just standards and conventions, when and why to break them — and when not.

    Tags: maps; timelines; visualization; data

    By Martin Stabe; Kennedy Elliott; Daniele Palumbo; Armand Emamdjomeh


  • Hands-On: Visualization

    University of British Columbia computer science professor Tamara Munzner walks through some of the techniques used to investigate matters of public interest in these slides.

    Tags: tools; collaboration; TimeLineCurator; Overview

    By Tamara Munzner


  • Free Tools for Journalists

    This tipsheet goes through pros and cons of 32 different free tools of different functions ranging from spreadsheets, text editors and database managers to data visualization tools and FOIA request trackers.

    Tags: data; free tools; csv tools; text editors; PDFs; maps; visualization; timeline; FOIA;

    By Helena Bengtsson; Samantha Sunne


  • Making Timelines

    Lena Groeger put together this helpful tipsheet to aid journalists looking to improve their skills in compiling and designing timelines.

    Tags: time; design; line; improve

    By Lena Groeger


  • Making timelines

    Displaying a series of events can be as simple as drawing a straight line. But if you want to get fancier, there are a bunch of other options to display chronologies and storylines. In this talk, we'll take a tour of current timelines in the wild and walk you through three open-source tools to help you make your own: ProPublica's TimelineSetter, Zach Wise's TimelineJS, and WNYC's Vertical Timeline.

    Tags: data

    By Lena Groeger


  • Tight, bright, sleep well at night!

    Garcia lays out a simple game plan for a successful investigation in his Powerpoint presentation.

    Tags: story management; timeline

    By Manny Garcia


  • Census on a tight timeline

    This PowerPoint lays out how Playford and his team put out a story using census data in a time crunch.

    Tags: census; timeline; deadline

    By Adam Playford


  • Organizing chronologies with timeline tools

    Follow the link to TimelineSetter ('creates beautiful timelines') where it explains everything you need to know on how to use it:

    Tags: timelines; chronologies

    By Al Shaw


  • Google Fusion Tables

    Google Fusion Tables is a data management web application that makes it easier to make charts and maps. It makes it possible to host, manage, collaborate on, visualize and publish data tables online.

    Tags: google; data; fusion tables; timelines; pie charts; mapping;