Inside the global offshore money maze

Number 362
Subject Money
Speakers David Donald, Mar Cabra, Margot Williams, Sebastian Mondial
Conference 2014 CAR Conference
Speaker Affiliation The Investigative Reporting Workshop, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, The Intercept,
Year 2014
Summary The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists "Secrecy For Sale: Inside The Global Offshore Money Maze" is one of the largest and most complex cross-border investigative projects in journalism history. More than 110 journalists in about 60 countries analyzed a 260 GB leaked hard drive to expose the systematic use of tax havens. Learn how this multinational team mined 2.5 million files and cracked open the impenetrable offshore world by creating a web app that revealed the ownership behind more than 100,000 anonymous "shell companies" in 10 offshore jurisdictions.
Keywords money, tax haven, offshore tax haven, ICIJ; 2014 Baltimore
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