Make every international story a data story

Number 575
Subject Data
Speakers Eva Constantaras; Giannina Segnini; Mar Cabra
Conference 2015 CAR Conference
Speaker Affiliation Internews, Columbia University, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Year 2015
Summary Some international headlines just won't stop. There's endless fighting in Ukraine. So, let’s find out where those weapons are coming from. Greece may default on its loans unless it reforms its tax system. We can calculate how many Greek citizens actually pay taxes. Nigeria’s elections are plagued by corruption. Let’s have a look at the how much was being transferred to politicians from Swiss bank accounts. With a dearth of quality international news coverage, a little bit of data can transform breaking news on the crisis of the week into in-depth coverage that leads to greater accountability. This session will dissect some of the biggest international investigations of the year, the data behind them and their global and local impact.
Keywords international; Ukraine; Greece; Nigeria; Swiss bank accounts; data; investigations; 2015 Atlanta
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