Exploring a Post-9/11 world: A conversation with Laura Poitras

Number 704
Subject 9/11
Speakers Laura Poitras; Robert Cribb
Conference 2015 IRE Conference
Speaker Affiliation The Intercept; Toronto Star
Year 2015
Summary Academy Award winning documentarian Laura Poitras will talk about her work on a trilogy of films about Post-9-11 America, from documenting the decision by Edward Snowden to leak NSA documents related to its mass surveillance program in "Citizen Four" to her documentaries on Guantanamo Bay and the occupation of Iraq. Poitras, who shared the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, is a co-founder of The Intercept.
Keywords 9/11, post-9-11; terrorism; documentary; Edward Snowden; NSA; surveillance; Iraq; 2015 Philadelphia
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