Constructing the narrative: An unbelievable story of rape

Number 933
Subject Storytelling
Speakers Ken Armstrong, T. Christian Miller
Conference 2016 IRE Conference
Speaker Affiliation The Marshall Project, ProPublica
Year 2016
Summary Want to turn an investigation into a 12,000-word story without a nut graph? Then this is the panel for you. We’ll share lessons from the Pulitzer Prize-winning “An Unbelievable Story of Rape,” a dual-track narrative that broke with convention while exemplifying the benefits of two writers and two news organizations partnering up. We’ll talk about suspense, voice, shifts in perspective, jumps in time, and layers of reveal. We'll also offer tips on how to report a story in a way that will allow you to tell it cinematically.
Keywords narrative, storytelling, longform, sexual assault, rape, collaboration, partnership
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