Dangerous Business

Number 20850
Subject Worker Safety
Source New York Times
State NY
Year 2003
Publication Date Jan 8, 2003; Jan 9, 2003; Jan10, 2003; Jan 11 2003; Jan 16, 2003; March 11, 2003; March 14, 2003; April 15, 2003; May 15, 2003; June 5, 2003; Dec 16,2003; Dec 21, 2003; Dec 22, 2003; Dec 23, 2003
Summary These stories investigate companies where workers have died due to the negligence of their employers. As the investigations revealed many of these companies did not adhere to the safety regulations set up by OSHA. These articles reveal that five officials from McWane Inc. one of the companies that was investigated were later indicted. The reporters describe OSHA as "a toothless tiger" that does not always take these companies to task.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 63
Keywords OSHA;job safety;McWane Inc.
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