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  • FRONTLINE: Myanmar's Killing Fields

    Secret footage and eyewitness accounts shine new light on a brutal campaign by the Myanmar military against Rohingya Muslims — an effort that has been described by both the United Nations and the United States as “ethnic cleansing.”
  • Comfort Women: Ep1. War Crime, Ep2.The Nation Gave Them Up

    For the 73rd anniversary of the National Liberation Day of Korea, this program aims to report the Japanese government’s denial of forced recruitment comfort women and operation of comfort station by the Japanese military during the Japanese ruling of Korea. This program also traces the whereabouts of the 20 Korean comfort women found in Myitkyina, Myanmar, to suggest how to solve the current comfort women issues. Through the recorded voice files of the interrogations of 4 Japanese officers and soldiers, this program analyses their views on comfort women. The program also found out that Japanese military was solely responsible for forced recruitment and control of comfort women, and the establishment and operation of comfort stations through 783 interrogation reports about 1105 Japanese POW during the three years from 1942. Also, the program offers plans on how to solve the comfort women issue such as international solidarity measures by tracing the 20 Korean comfort women that were dragged to Myitkyina, Myanmar, by the Japanese military to find out whether they are still alive or where they have died, and what our government has done for them.
  • Myanmar Burning

    A Reuters series documents the mass expulsion of the Rohingya from Myanmar, including the investigation that landed our reporters in prison.
  • Rohingya: A Forgotten People

    This investigation reveals abuse committed by the Thai Military against Rohingya minorities fleeing from Burma. The Thai Military would intercept Rohingya boats with refugees aboard and tow them out to the middle of the sea and leave them without adequate supplies. Being without food and water many of the Rohingya refugees died, but the numbers are unclear as to how many people actually died.
  • A Man's Asylum Fight in the Land of the Free, Judge's Behavior Sparks Outrage but Little Relief, Few Applicants Succeed in Immigration Courts

    These articles address the cases of two political refugees who seek asylum in the U.S. and their trials at the hands of the INS and the U.S. Immigration Court. There are no written standards for immigration judges. In these stories, Judge Thomas M. Ragno decides a Sudanese refugee is not Catholic because the man did not what parochial schools were (there are none in Sudan). The refugee spends three years in jail before his case is overturned. Myanmar activist Tialhei Zathang still waits on an appeal trial after Judge Joan V. Churchill decides he is an Indian citizen, despite the testimony of U.S. professors and Myanmar parliament members who support him.