Pulling of big projects in small(er) newsrooms

Number 5645
Subject Investigative Methods
Source Evan Wyloge, Emily Le Coz and Nate Morabito
Affiliation The Desert Sun, GateHouse Media and WCNC-Charlotte
Year 2018
Summary Seeing amazing work being done by pioneers in our industry invigorates and inspires, but when we get back to our newsroom, reality can dampen our excitement. ‘We don’t have the budget’ or ‘We can’t let you take time away from your beat’ or ‘Nobody here even knows where to begin on that’ are common refrains in smaller newsrooms, and frequently mean your great idea is canned before it even has a chance. Alas, there are ways to hack these problems, offer creative solutions to your bosses and even make money for your organization with your idea. From finding developers who can work with you on a budget and structure the project, to gaining buy-in from higher-ups and finding revenue opportunities, this discussion will offer a framework for getting your big idea done.
Tags smaller newsroom investigations; budget investigations; big projects
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