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The Santa Barbara Journalism Initiative is a new organization, part of a national movement of non-profit public-interest news organizations dedicated to offering thoughtful and provocative explanatory journalism. Through multimedia journalism, searchable data, and a range of community events, the Santa Barbara Journalism Initiative will create stories independently and collaborate with existing news organizations within the county, from print to websites to broadcast media.

The Santa Barbara Foundation recently received a two-year $500,000 matching grant from the Knight Foundation to jumpstart SB Source. It and several other local foundations also have pledged financial support.

Now we are initiating a regional and nationwide search to locate the ideal person to provide editorial leadership for this new and exciting project.

The ideal editor-in-chief should be an experienced journalist. He or she should:

  • Possess some knowledge of the population of Santa Barbara, local public affairs, how the community works, and what’s on residents’ minds so they can be supported in understanding and acting on pressing local issues
  • Demonstrate the ability to operate what is essentially a start-up project without ignoring research and assumptions to date
  • Have demonstrated the skill to package and the knowledge to identify rich stories for maximum impact and engagement
  • Be able to collaborate effectively with other media, local and beyond
  • Be a proven, creative leader and manager who can carry forward the vision and develop the organization to realize it
  • Have experience with the business-side implications of a multi-dimensional news operation and, collaborating with financial colleagues, be able to build and allocate resources strategically, efficiently, and effectively
  • Be comfortable and convincing as a representative of the Santa Barbara Journalism Initiative at public events, in interactions with public figures, and for promotions and publicity
  • Be able to inspire the community, the media, various donors, and the Initiative’s executive and journalism advisory boards.

While not all editors are writers, an appreciation for strong and eloquent writing and the ability to generate it on one’s own is a plus.

The Santa Barbara Journalism Initiative is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates committed to working with diverse populations and conversant in multicultural issues are encouraged to apply.

Applicants may send a letter demonstrating interest and ability, a resumé, and links to outstanding and relevant work to the Initiative at Additionally, please send links to two or three stories or packages that you think are emblematic of the kind of work that would make the SBJI valuable and successful.

Third parties can nominate appropriate candidates by contacting this email.