Investigative Reporters (Quinlan Partners)

We are a boutique investigation firm seeking seasoned investigative journalists with strong business reporting experience to build out our research team. Work would be freelance and project-based to start, with growth opportunities for high performers.

We’re looking for thorough, detail-oriented investigators who can work efficiently and deliver excellent results with little supervision. We want experts at finding and digging through public records of all kinds and using them to assemble detailed profiles of subjects. Applicants should be students of open-source intelligence techniques and quick thinkers with good instincts who can not only charm a city clerk into emailing over ...

Pedestrians dying at disproportionate rates in America's poorer neighborhoods

A national analysis of traffic fatality data finds that, in most areas, it’s the poorer neighborhoods that experience the highest pedestrian death rates.

Governing magazine analyzed accident location data for more than 22,000 pedestrian fatalities reported in federal data from 2008-2012. Within metro areas, low-income census tracts recorded fatality rates approximately twice that of more affluent neighborhoods. Similarly, tracts with poverty rates below the national rate of 15 percent registered 5.3 deaths per 100,000 residents over the five-year period. By comparison, poorer neighborhoods where more than a quarter of the population lived in poverty had a ...

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Disciplined doctors find work in the drug industry, running clinical trials

By matching U.S. Food and Drug Administration data on clinical researchers against records of state medical board disciplinary actions in the four most populous states, this report in Matter found dozens of reprimanded doctors who subsequently were hired by pharma to test experimental drugs in clinical trials. Some had made mistakes that left patients dead or maimed. Others were themselves addicted to narcotics.

News Editor (KPBS)

KPBS San Diego seeks News Editor for radio/TV/web who ensures we prioritize accountability-driven coverage, with a mix of thought-provoking stories as well as fresh explainers. Works with beat reporters including science, arts, environment and the investigations desk. Mentors reporters to tell stylish stories, to the highest audio, video and web standards. San Diego generates diverse news stories; excellent quality of life. Salary: $50-70,000 plus additional 10% for retirement; top benefits.

Apply via: Job # 2014-1270.

Job closes 8/22/2014. EEO/AA/Title IX Employer.  

Resort turned $17.5 million of equity into loans without telling investors

When a group of wealthy immigrants learned Vermont ski resort Jay Peak had converted their $17.5 million worth of equity investments into loans — a transaction they were not told about until five months after the fact — investors were incensed. But resort officials defend the transaction, saying it was in the investors’ best interest. The state says they had every right to do it, and Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., stands behind the program that let them.

Behind the Story: High-stakes testing in Norwegian schools subject to corruption

By Shazia Sarwar

A series of investigative reports by Verdens Gang (VG) in 2013 exposed that principals at all primary and secondary schools in Oslo, Norway’s capital, were given personal incentives and salary benefits in secret working contracts and on the basis of student results on national tests.

The investigation found a significant correlation between the number of students exempt from tests and the average scores. An associate professor at the University of Oslo reviewed the data and found that the more students exempt, the better a school’s score. Minority students and children with other special needs are ...

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Fifty-nine 911 calls this year to sex offender group homes

Police have been called to two residential facilities housing sex offenders nearly 60 times since the beginning of the year, according to a report by WIVB in Buffalo, New York. Twice police reported sex offenders missing from the homes. Neighbors and officials are concerned about the number of calls as well as the close proximity to a children’s playground.

Sex offenders were relocated to the community after a secure facility was shuttered.