300,000 Oregonians depend on an addiction treatment system that’s broken

More than 300,000 people go untreated for alcohol or drug abuse in a state that has little knowledge about the effectiveness of its treatment clinics, The Oregonian found.

The paper spent months reviewing government records and interviewing officials and recovering addicts in Oregon. It found that while treatment clinics frequently report patient statistics to the state’s Addictions and Mental Health Services Division, the agency never uses the data.

The Oregonian looked at the numbers and found abysmal success rates. The ineffectual system costs nearly $6 billion a year, the paper found.

Several IRE members win 2015 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Awards

Congratulations to the several IRE members who recently were recognized with 2015 duPont-Columbia Awards. Their hard work and dedication to good investigative journalism helps keep the public informed and educated on important topics that affect their daily lives and communities.

Wendy Halloran, Mark Phillips, Bryan West and Mark Casey, along with colleagues at KPNX 12 News in Phoenix, for "Raked Over the Coals." The team doggedly pursued and refuted claims that the city’s arson squad had the highest arson clearance rate of any major U.S. city’s fire department.

Madeleine Baran, Mike Cronin, Tom Scheck and the team ...

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Some non-profit mental health providers spend heavily on administrative costs despite service cuts

Despite a decline in public funding, many non-profit mental health agencies have continued to hand out six-figure salaries and bonus-and-incentive packages.

The Arizona Republic reviewed financial records for 28 non-profit mental health providers and their clients and found that administrative costs at these underfunded agencies have climbed while services dwindle. Families said they have been denied services or waited months to get them because of the cuts in funding.

Reporter/Producer - Crime & Justice (CNN)

Duties: The Reporter will be responsible for reporting (on air and off); producing; writing (for air and dot com) on crime and law enforcement issues, primarily along the west coast. The reporter will work with CNNs Justice team in Washington and CNNs west coast bureaus to cover major crime and justice stories of interest to CNNs audience. The reporter must demonstrate the ability break news on law enforcement developments, be able to write fast-breaking news stories on unfolding stories and provide original analysis in an engaging style. The reporter will continuously develop and maintain sources in related agencies/entities that ...

Producer - Transportation, Aviation & Regulation (CNN)

Duties: Responsible for generating, pitching, and executing creative, enterprise transportation, aviation and regulation reporting. The producer must collaborate with the on-air beat reporter to craft broadcast scripts and online stories as well as publish original reporting for CNN’s digital and online platforms. The position demands proven ability to break news through developed sources and sustained relationships with newsmakers in key offices and agencies.

Qualifications: 5-7 years experience as a producer or reporter at a major newspaper, network or major market. This position requires a proven story teller with excellent writing skills and someone with a record of identifying and ...

Construction of a NASA test tower continued long after the rocket project was scrubbed

NASA spent $349 million building a new test tower it didn’t need, according to a report by The Washington Post. The agency in June finished construction of the Mississippi tower, which was designed for a rocket program canceled in 2010, after Congress ordered NASA to finish building it.

NASA will now spend about $700,000 a year to maintain the empty tower.

“Jerked from one mission to another, NASA lost its sense that any mission was truly urgent. It began to absorb the vices of less-glamorous bureaucracies: Officials tended to let projects run over time and budget. Its congressional ...

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Health Care Journalism Awards (NIHCM Foundation)

NIHCM Foundation is now accepting applications for its 21st annual health care journalism awards. A new award has been introduced this year to recognize excellence in digital media that improves understanding of health care topics through analysis grounded in empirical evidence. Winning entries receive $10,000 cash prizes.

Independent panels of expert judges will select a winner in each of the four categories:

  • Digital Media
  • Print Journalism, General Circulation
  • Print Journalism, Trade Publications
  • Television and Radio Journalism

Entries must originally have been published or aired in 2014. The entry deadline is February 18, 2015. Additional eligibility information and entry ...

Extra Extra Monday: Prenatal screening tests, prison labor programs and nonprofit donations

Oversold and misunderstood: Prenatal screening tests prompt abortions | The New England Center for Investigative Reporting

Sparked by the sequencing of the human genome a decade ago, a new generation of prenatal screening tests, including MaterniT21, has exploded onto the market in the past three years. The unregulated screens claim to detect with near-perfect accuracy the risk that a fetus may have Down or Edwards syndromes, and a growing list of other chromosomal abnormalities.

But a three-month examination by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting has found that companies are overselling the accuracy of their tests and doing little to ...

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