National Practitioner Data Bank Public Use File

Welcome to the download page for NPDB data.

NPDB Data is available in zipped files for download directly from the site, or by FTP.

If you have any technical problems or questions, please contact IRE/NICAR at or 573-882-2042 or 573-882-7711.

About the data

This file is an August, 2011, download from the National Practitioner Data Bank Public Use File. On Sept. 1 the federal government removed the data, which had been publicly available since 1990.

Investigative Reporters and Editors, along with the Association of Health Care Journalists and Society of Professional Journalists, is protesting this removal of public information. IRE has also filed a FOIA request to receive the most recent version of this data set.

IRE/NICAR processed this data set from August and is making it publicly available online to anyone.

Please read all files pertaining to the data set before using it. In particular the Readme1101-DAT.pdf provides information for this data set in terms of record layout and definitions of terms.


Documentation for the data

The following documents are for use with any of the data sets.

  • Read Me file (.txt)
  • Terms and conditions (.txt)
  • Readme1101-DAT (PDF) Readme file provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, includes much of the information found within this file and the layout with some additional contact and background information.
  • Factsheet (PDF) Provides background and information for the National Practitioner Databank
  • Regulations (PDF) Definitions and laws provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Guidebook (PDF) Compliance requirements for NPDB. 


Download NPDB files

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Name Last modified Size 23-Sep-2011 34M 23-Sep-2011 1.3M 23-Sep-2011 1.4M 23-Sep-2011 2.0M 23-Sep-2011 4.6M 23-Sep-2011 1.4M 23-Sep-2011 3.5M 23-Sep-2011 1.4M 23-Sep-2011 7.6M 23-Sep-2011 36M 23-Sep-2011 5.3M 23-Sep-2011 3.5M 23-Sep-2011 2.1M 23-Sep-2011 1.8M 23-Sep-2011 13M 23-Sep-2011 1.4M 23-Sep-2011 5.2M 23-Sep-2011 1.4M 23-Sep-2011 1.9M 23-Sep-2011 3.5M 23-Sep-2011 2.0M 23-Sep-2011 8.6M 23-Sep-2011 4.4M 23-Sep-2011 3.4M 23-Sep-2011 4.4M 23-Sep-2011 5.7M 23-Sep-2011 5.3M 23-Sep-2011 4.7M 23-Sep-2011 2.4M 23-Sep-2011 7.5M 23-Sep-2011 3.8M 23-Sep-2011 5.4M 23-Sep-2011 1.4M 23-Sep-2011 4.1M 23-Sep-2011 2.2M 23-Sep-2011 5.9M 23-Sep-2011 2.0M 23-Sep-2011 2.7M 23-Sep-2011 2.3M 23-Sep-2011 8.1M 23-Sep-2011 2.9M 23-Sep-2011 3.3M 23-Sep-2011 19M 23-Sep-2011 8.5M 23-Sep-2011 4.7M 23-Sep-2011 3.9M 23-Sep-2011 12M 23-Sep-2011 2.3M 23-Sep-2011 1.3M 23-Sep-2011 2.2M 23-Sep-2011 3.6M 23-Sep-2011 1.9M 23-Sep-2011 4.4M 23-Sep-2011 18M 23-Sep-2011 2.9M 23-Sep-2011 5.9M 23-Sep-2011 1.4M 23-Sep-2011 2.1M 23-Sep-2011 5.5M 23-Sep-2011 3.5M 23-Sep-2011 3.3M 23-Sep-2011 1.8M