IRE Awards

Winners of the IRE Awards

Honoring the best in investigative journalism

The 2013 IRE Awards winners were presented with their awards at the 2014 IRE Conference in San Francisco.

The IRE Awards is the annual contest of Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc. recognizing the best in investigative reporting by across multiple media platforms. The awards were established in 1979 and have honored the best in investigative journalism annually for the past 30 years. The top award given is the IRE Medal.

View the winners of the 2013 IRE Awards.

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Contest entries are screened and judged by IRE members who are working journalists. The IRE Awards program is unique among journalism contests in the extent of its efforts to avoid conflicts of interest. Work that includes any significant role by a member of the IRE Board of Directors or an IRE contest judge may not be entered in the contest. 

After judging, all entries are placed in IRE’s Resource Center story library so that IRE members may learn from others’ triumphs and troubles. The contest helps identify techniques and resources used by the entrants.