Expected Sessions

Here’s a look at some of the sessions we’re planning for Newport Beach. Please note that these sessions are preliminary and subject to change. We’ll be adding more to the list in the coming days.



Diversity and social issues

  • Algorithmic accountability
  • Finding hidden stories in hidden communities
  • Mentoring for inclusivity and diversity
  • Using data to report on racial inequality
  • Finding the story: Open policing data
  • Finding the story: Covering class and poverty at the local level
  • Women in the newsroom meetup
  • Journalists of color in the newsroom meetup
  • Immigration Data

On the beat

  • Covering student loans
  • Covering the 2020 Census
  • Digging into education data from preschool to college
  • Healthcare data panel
  • Criminal justice
  • Guns
  • Housing data
  • Sports
  • Nonprofit data
  • The election data you’re not using
  • How to follow the dark money in politics
  • Local campaign finance data, and how it can be used to inform year-round reporting

How it works

  • How it works: APIs
  • How it works: Git/GitHub and version control for journalists
  • How it works: The Internet behind the scenes
  • How to teach yourself programming
  • Which programming language is best to learn and why
  • Python 101: An overview for total beginners
  • Making the leap from Excel to R

Working better

  • (Generally) painless collaboration with the greater newsroom
  • How to collaborate across multiple newsrooms to solve big problems
  • How and why to make your data analysis reproducible
  • Early career straight-talk
  • Career roundtable
  • Management: Leading the data reporting team
  • Workflows
  • Career trajectories for working data parents
  • To manage, or not to manage? Choosing a career path
  • Self care for journalists

Story ideas

  • 50 databases to request right now
  • Quick-turn data stories
  • Year in CAR: International
  • Year in CAR: Local innovation
  • Data blitz

Design and data viz

  • Bring your reporting to life using animation and comics
  • Unconventional data viz
  • D3 in a Reactive World
  • JavaScript 1: Fundamentals and syntax
  • JavaScript 2: Hello D3!
  • JavaScript 3: Building a map in D3
  • Flourish
  • Power BI
  • Using Datawrapper to quickly create charts and maps
  • Making free publishable data visualizations
  • Visualizing data with Observable Notebooks


25th CAR retrospective

A journalist’s introduction to machine learning

America’s dirtiest data

Archiving digital journalism

Before you ever start your analysis

Best practices on how to build your own database with others

Building and telling a bulletproof data story

Calling bullshit

How to make data a routine part of your beat

Inside the sausage factory: An inside look at government data making

Long-term effects of natural disasters

Media lawyers brown bag

Narratives and writing the data-driven investigation

Preparing for the future of disinformation and deep fakes

Telling the multimedia data story

The next 25 years of CAR

Turning data into characters

Using surveys to investigate

Cross-border data journalism

Secure source communications

State public records and FOIA

Understanding data journalism terminology



Advanced OpenRefine: Intro to GREL

Advanced SQL: update queries, sub-queries and more

Basic mapping and GIS in Python

Building your own database

CARwash: Finding and cleaning dirty data in Excel

Cleaning in SQL

Command line for Macs

Creating your first satellite image


Excel 1: Getting started with spreadsheets

Excel 2: Using formulas for stories

Excel 3: Pivot tables

Excel: Advanced pivot tables

Excel: Importing data

Excel: Using string functions to manipulate data

Excel for business & economics

Finding needles in haystacks with fuzzy matching

Finding the story: Using advanced DNS search

Full stack react

Geocoding and avoiding pitfalls

GitHub for journalists

Google Sheets: Scraping without coding

Hitchhiker’s guide to APIs

Importing into Excel

Introduction to VisiData

Intro to HTML/CSS

Intro to stats in R

Mapping in Excel with ArcGIS maps for Office

Mapping with R


Neo4j: Using graph databases for investigative data analysis

PDF 1: Using free online tools

PDF 2: Using OCR to extract data from PDFs

PDF 3: Batch PDF processing



Python: Data visualization with Altair

Python: Let’s scrape a website

Python: Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing

Python: Writing tests for your code

Python 1: The fundamentals

Python 2: Intro to data analysis using Pandas

Python 3: Data cleaning and visualization

QGIS 1: Importing and displaying geographic data


R: Models for clustered and correlated data

R 1: Intro to R and RStudio

R 2: Data analysis and plotting in R

R 3: Gathering and cleaning data in R

Regular expressions for the rest of us

Share your work: Publishing your data analysis with R

SQL 1: Exploring data

SQL 2: Grouping and summing data

SQL 3: Joining tables

Stats 1: An introduction using PSPP

Stats 2: Using PSPP (linear)

Stats 3: Using PSPP (logistic)

Stats in Excel

Text mining in R with tidytext

The data-driven escape room

Workbench: Reproducible data work without coding

Hands-on workshops requiring pre-registration

In addition to the open classes, a limited number of longer hands-on workshops require pre-registration and an additional fee. Learn more about these classes here.

  • Intro to R
  • First Observable notebook: Prototyping with polish
  • First Python notebook: Data analysis on deadline
  • MapCamp: QGIS
  • Mastering Google Sheets: Web scraping, running scripts and other tricks
  • Write better Python code
  • Upping your Excel game
  • Exploring the tidyverse in R
  • First graphics app: Node.js in the newsroom
  • Interactive data viz with D3
  • Web scraping with Python
  • PyCAR
  • Digging into data for stories: A crash course in Excel
  • Interviewing your data with SQL



Analyzing birth and death data: The wonders of CDC WONDER

Become an instant expert

CAR throwback

Digging through the web

Excel Online

Google tools & workflows for journalists

Install party

Intro to digital security

Intro to OpenRefine

IRE member benefits demo

OpenElections hackathon

Spreadsheet add-ins you can’t live without

Text editors and dealing with large files

The data sleuth’s guide to the social web

The latest digital tools

The successor to FactFinder: census.data.gov

Under pressure: Real life in real time with breaking news



Data journalism educators assignment swap

Data reporting outside of major cities

Favorite code snippets: A curated list from the Lonely Coder’s Club

How to help your TV newsroom achieve a data journalism mindset

Learn from my fail: Data always sucks edition

Newsroom training approaches

Student meetup

Freelancers meetup

Using data as a one-man-band journalist



These half-day Master Classes will require pre-registration and an additional fee ($35). Registration details will be available soon.

  • Leading with data
  • Self-editing & bulletproofing the data story
  • Telling the data story across platforms
  • Design 
  • Interviewing
  • Writing the investigative narrative